Skylights let in the fresh air, add natural light, improve aesthetic value, and save on energy costs. However, skylights are mostly installed to offer additional light where windows are not enough. During winter, you may want to retain energy in your home, while in the summer, it would be necessary to block the rays from the sun to have a warmer room.

Factors That Influences the Choice on Skylight Coverings

There are different factors that you must put across when choosing window coverings for your skylight. For example, you can consider your skylight’s direction to determine the amount of light you want to get. Skylights facing the east direction will get more sunlight during the daytime, while skylights on the west will have sun rays from midday to sunset. However, there are other factors, which can also determine your choice; these are:

  • Type of skylights
  • Depth and size of your skylight
  • Reasons for installing a skylight
  • Beauty and accessibility

Benefits of Skylight Coverings

Quality skylight covers may block solar heat and 90% of UV rays. These covers can also prevent your curtains, furniture, and carpets from fading. Apart from blocking heat and reducing fading risks, skylight coverings are also:

  • Simple to install
  • Economical
  • Effective for reducing outward visibility
  • Perfect for decreasing wind chills and frost in the winter

Types of Skylight Coverings

Skylight coverings come with different materials, so it would be upon you to choose the type of covers you want to install. Some of the common types of skylight coverings include the following:


Skylight shades are available in different materials, patterns, colors, and styles. Unlike blinds, shades have solid fabric lengths, which moves up and down through lifting mechanism or cord. If you want to block light and add texture, you can use a motorized skylight shade because it’s easy to access and maintain. You can also connect the shade with your smartphone to operate it conveniently. Though you can still use other versatile and practical skylight coverings, like cellular honeycomb shades.


Blinds like Dakstra and Fakro are effective for skylights. Dakstra is a popular blind that’s designed to introduce light in a home. Some of the things to keep in mind when installing Dakstra blinds are the circulation of air and light arrangement.

On the other hand, Fakro blinds are used with white acrylics and natural pine to make great models. When you need a window treatment for your office or home, Fakro blinds are perfect to deliver the functionality. You can find these blinds in various sizes and styles, so you can buy a suitable model to avoid heat loss. However, there are more blinds, which may deliver the same functionality; these are:

  • Velux blinds
  • Keylite blinds
  • Rooflite
  • Graber

The Bottom Line!

Skylights offer homes amazing views and natural light. By using various coverings to your skylight, you will be able to control light and heat in your home. Most of these window coverings are easy to deal with and can fit well on your skylight.

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