There are two main reasons why you should start using a VPN. If you are tired of getting prevented from accessing content certain content just because of your location, a VPN can help you to get around geoblocking restrictions. In such a case, a good VPN will increase your internet access freedom. The second reason has to do with the enhanced privacy and security protections that VPNs offer, especially if you tend to visit popular torrenting websites.

Given the integral role that VPNs play in guaranteeing online anonymity, security, and freedom, it is imperative that you take your time when deciding which VPN service provider to settle for. The following is a comparison of the best VPN services. It will come in handy in helping you to ensure that you get the perfect VPN for your needs.

What Is the Best VPN?

After taking into consideration connection speeds, security features, affordability, and user-friendliness, Express VPN emerged as the best VPN service for users. This VPN service offers incredibly fast connections, an easy-to-use interface, a great 2-year pricing offer, and high-end encryption. When combined with the fact that it offers helpful 24/7 customer service, it is easy to understand why it has edged out other top-tier VPN services – see the VPN comparison on reddit. For detailed key features, you can check this specific ExpressVPN review.

Comparing VPN Services

Since VPNs are provided by different companies, the level of protection and convenience that you get from one VPN is bound to vary. And while simply setting up a VPN is enough to give you enhanced privacy and security, the inherent quality of a given service will still play the most significant role in determining the level of protection that you will enjoy. Here is a comparison of the best VPN services based on factors that play the most significant role in determining whether a VPN is worth investing in.

Servers and server locations

Generally, the more the servers and the wider their distribution, the better the protection that a given VPN service offers. This is because a widely distributed network of servers offers more spoofing opportunities. This makes it harder for anyone to track your activity. Furthermore, having servers in different locations generally increases freedom, reliability, speed and ease of access since it means that you will always have a server near your location, no matter where you travel to.

With over 3000 servers that are distributed in 94 countries and over 160 locations, ExpressVPN is the clear winner in this category. And while NordVPN has more servers, these servers are only in 59 countries and they are distributed in almost half as many locations. Surfshark trails both of these in terms of the number of servers and diversity of locations.

User-friendliness of the interface

If you are a beginner, going for a simple interface is advisable as it makes it easy to use the VPN. This is so mainly because a busy interface is likely to bombard you with a lot of information, and this can make the whole experience a little bit overwhelming.

As far as user interfaces are concerned, ExpressVPN offers the best interface. Surfshark’s interface is also relatively simple and intuitive and as such, it is also good for beginners. As for NordVPN, it does not offer the best user experience, and as such, if you are to choose a VPN service based solely on its interface, NordVPN is not necessarily the best alternative.

Number of Connected Devices

VPN services typically limit the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously. In most cases, this number is usually limited at 5 whereby you can connect five devices at any given time. What this means is that these devices are the ones whose traffic will be protected. Therefore, if you have a lot of devices in your home or your office that you use to access the internet regularly, this is something that you should focus on.

With regards to the best VPNs in the market, Surfshark offers the most attractive feature when it comes to the number of connected devices. This is because a person can use an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. This makes it more convenient to use and considering its pricing, relatively affordably priced especially for people who use a large number of devices to access the internet.

The 5 simultaneous connections that ExpressVPN provides, and the 6 that NordVPN provides, is adequate for most users. However, when considering just the device connections allowed, Surfshark is the clear winner.


If you are looking for standard protections and freedoms provided by premium VPN services, then price considerations will play a much more significant role in your decision since all of these services are great.

If you have the room to get into a longterm deal, then the two-year deal offered by Surfshark will be the most pocket-friendly choice for you. With this option, you will be essentially paying about $2.49 per month for unlimited device connections on a VPN. However, if you are not interested in entering into a longterm deal, then the $11.95 per-month cost of NordVPN will be the better choice for you.

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