As the 2018 year begins, new and featured smartphones are being launched day by day. The latest launch by VK world is T2 Plus 4G Smartphone that is a perfect buy for every person who has the love for latest technology. Since Every manufacture tries club latest features at lower cost, VK world has also inputted sufficient efforts to make its brand outshine in 2018 beginning it.

On the other hand, other companies are addressing the Bezel-less smartphone Vk world is working on the Dual Screen flip smartphone. Which is quite interesting and out of the box idea. The idea of the Flip smartphone is nothing new but offering them with the Android is New. So, let’s know the better detailing about the product along with its performance, battery life, pricing and display quality.

Design & Display

As you know the most of the flip smartphone has the DUAL screen and both of them responsive. Like other FLIP smartphones, Vkworld T2 plus also have the DUAL screen. Both the 4.2″ Display is IPS and responsive also. The secondary display shows you all the content as you can also use it without turning on the flip.VKworld T2 Plus ReviewThe back side of the T2 Plus made of Leather so it won’t feel slippery when you hold it. The 8.0MP camera with Dual Flash is placed on the back side of the phone. The sad thing is there is no fingerprint sensor on the phone.VKworld T2 Plus Review

At the underneath of the left and right side volume, lock screen button and charging ports are available. One more thing you need to noticed there is no 3.5mm headphone jack. So you have to compromise with the USB earphone or use wireless.VKworld T2 Plus Review

With a tiny display of 4.2 inch, the phone reminds you of iPhone 5 series that is way more expensive. VK world has dared to manufacture a medium inch phone screen by making it more pockets friendly. The 1280 X 768 pixel IPS screen resolution leaves no room for a high quality when it comes to measuring the screen quality. So the small screen doesn’t mean that the product quality has been made inferior from any point. And more important both the screen work great.

KeyPad & KeysVKworld T2 Plus Review

The keypad of the T2 plus is also made of the leather, all the keys are like multitasking, change the SIM reference, Home and others are places at the very reachable distance. You won’t fee that it hard to access them. With a gentle press on the keys is enough to operate the smartphone.

Performance & Operating System

The appearance of the T2 Plus is not only to consider for buying. The handset running on the MediaTek6737 Quad Core processor. It provides the 1.25GHz clock speed which is not fast but still, it can run apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and all. To do the multitasking T2 Plus have the dedicated key on its Keypad.VKworld T2 Plus Review

Most important thing is it runs on the Android 7.0, which is not the latest but as you know most of the smartphone running on the same Android version. It can be said that it can receive the new update but for now you have to compromise with that version.

Memory (RAM & ROM)

Where the other companies are offering the 6GB, 8GB RAM, and 64GB or 128GB of storage, Vkworld T2 Plus is offering the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. You have enough space to run and store your data and if you think this not enough for you then it can be expanded with TF card up to 64GB. Looking at the other smartphone it’s less, but still it sufficient memory for an average user.

Camera (Front & Rear)VKworld T2 Plus Review

The 8.0 megapixel of the back camera makes T2 Plus makes your pictures more clear. Moreover, the front camera of 2 megapixels and 5 megapixels further enhances the overall features of the gadget. Talking about the pictures clicked in the low light area, the VK World T2 Plus is sufficiently good at capturing faraway images. However, there was noticeable noise in the clicked shots in absence of light. Which is quite obvious because Chinese manufacturers are not focusing on the camera.

BatteryVKworld T2 Plus Review

Talking straight about the VK World T2 Plus battery, it’s interesting to note that the small screen size accompanied by a powerful battery of 2000mAh makes it a featured device work much better. You may be required to charge the phone once more in case it is used excessively for several consecutive hours. However, if used normally, it can last up to 18-20 hours.

What comes in the pack?

The beautifully covered pack of VKworld T2 Plus comprises of sufficient contents that are worthwhile and value for money. All in all, you get a USB cable for charging the phone along with the main case, battery, and a power adaptor. It is noteworthy that the package doesn’t have any earphone included.

VKworld T2 Plus: Review & Price

Till date, people often complained of smartphones lacking medium screen size. Almost all have screen sizes underlying somewhere between 5 – 6 inch. However, VK world has launched something absolutely away from the league to rejuvenate your user experience. With 3GB Ram and 32GB internal memory, you can download anything you feel like in the 7.0 nougat operating system. Also, you can play games faster as the MTK 6737 Quad Core processor would allow you to do so.

Order the product at their best at a pre-sale price of $299.99 and get free shipping on your favorite black/silver color of smartphone review.

Memory (RAM & ROM)
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