At the live event on the evening of September 16th, the Vivo has Launched its latest wireless earphones as Vivo TWS Earphone along with the NEX3 5G. 

The Vivo TWS Earphone is also very bright, so we did a detailed Vivo TWS Earbuds analysis to see if the Vivo TWS is worth buying. These Vivo Tws earphones are the best competitor of the latest launched Realme buds and Xioami Air 2 as well.  vivo-tws-review

Vivo TWS Earphones are high-quality headphones and support aptX and AAC codecs and have built-in 14.5 mm speakers. Vivo headset has the efficiency of the highest-level transmitting sound and helps cut power consumption by 30% by the flagship dual-core Qualcomm QCC5126 processor and Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-mode support. 

The headphones have a battery capacity of 25 mAh, provides the 5 hours of backup; 400 mAh is the case. The case takes around 1-1.25 hours to full charge with USB TYPE-C, that’s a good thing. The headset has two working microphones that cancel the noise and provides you the best sound quality. Another thing to note is that Vivo TWS will be available in two combinations of colors, i.e. white and black.

Vivo TWS Review: Specifications

Vivo Tws Earphone Design & Appearance

The design of Vivo TWS Earphone is claimed to be based on a very high-grade perfume bottle. A very high-quality plastic has been deployed in making this earphone. Let’s first talk about the Vivo charging box TWS Earphone, the lid is partial metal gray and the box’s exterior layer is incremental, dark blue to be clear, in color. The artist effectively handles light and produces a beautiful effect as if it is suspended in the air, combining different fabrics, different colors and different

A hole for contractors for charging is provided at the bottom. Most importantly, it comes with protection from sweat and water, under the IP54 standard rating. 

Vivo Tws Earphones Comfort  

Vivo TWS Earphone is thin and comes with a shorter headset handle. Its weight also is only 4.4 g which is less as compared to other Bluetooth wireless headsets. The headphone designer also announced that after six rounds of thousands of surveys, he has constantly changed the specifics to achieve the most output in keeping with the human ear

The designer has summed the standard model for ear canals from the shape of the ear canal by tens of thousands of people. Either lying in the bed or playing outdoors, driving a car or doing anything, you’ll find these earphones not only light but too comfortable. 

Vivo Tws Earphone Working

Current Bluetooth headphones in the market have some issues in general such as high power usage, high latency and also long-standing pain points. But as a true Bluetooth wireless headset, Vivo TWS Earphone completely addresses these

The working of earphones is very simple, you can just slide your finger for Volume Up and Down and Long press to answer calls, and double-tap calls the Google Assistance, Siri or Jovi. You can also define the action. But there is no way you can play the next or previous song. 

You can also change the Double-tap feature with the help of the settings, it depends upon which device you are using.  

Vivo Tws Earphone Sound Quality 

Consumers are particularly concerned about sound quality when it comes to headphones. As already stated, the Vivo TWS earphone featured with AAC HD audio decoding technology provides the best sound quality. The sound quality of Vivo Tws is slightly higher than Apple Air Pods, you will feel the bass and nice tribal. 

Vivo Tws Earphone Battery

The Vivo Tws earphone is packed with the 25 mAh battery and 400 mAh in the case. Low power consumption ensures that the Vivo TWS Earphone provides continuous playback of a period that lasts 24 hours. You can place this in a 15-minute charging box and play music for 2 hours. vivo-tws-review

So, in terms of battery, these headphones are too reliable and durable. 

Vivo Tws Earphone Especially for Vivo Users

Jovi is the Vivo phone’s voice support like Samsung Bixby. TWS Earphone Vivo is suited to Jovi perfectly. First, Vivo TWS Earphone will communicate with the Vivo mobile phone automatically just by opening the box which is indeed very comfortable. Also, a’ hello, Jovi’ will wake up Jovi on call and then, it will not just read messages to you by headphones, but you could also be able to answer messages and even represent a translator whenever you need one in a real-time scenario, doing a great deal of convenience for us.

Vivo Tws Review & Conclusion

Vivo TWS Earphones are a complete worth of your money. In terms of sound, battery, comfort, and all the other dimensions, these earphones will give you the best return of the money you spend on them.

If you are looking to buy a wireless earphone and didn’t want to spend too much amount on Apple Air pods then go with Vivo Tws earphone.  

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