Many of us might have come across the term virtual reality but it may still not be clear as to what exactly it is all about. Put in plain in simple words it is about getting immersed in a virtual environment when we are actually not in it physically. The growth of virtual reality has been simply stunning and highly impressive over the past few years and is very effectively and regularly being used in the gaming, film and entertainment industry. We also have something else known as AR or augmented reality.

This is often referred to the cousin of VR and many times AR is considered to be a notch or two above VR in terms of giving the best of viewing and gaming experience. When we talk about AR, we are referring to the use of high tech digital technology resulting in computer generated overlays. When this is superimposed on top of the real certainly gives a near real physical environment. The good thing about AR is that it gives you an opportunity to make use of these digitalized constructs without losing anything much as far as the actual surrounding are concerned.

VR Goes Much Beyond Gaming And Entertainment Industry

When we refer to VR experience we often believe that it is restricted to the gaming and entertainment industry. While there is no doubt that these two industries are big users of VR technology, it also has a big presence in various other major industries. It is now being very extensively used in the medical industry and also in the fields of flight simulations and military training.vr in gaming industry

It also is becoming quite popular in industrial design too. But still, there are some bottlenecks for the extensive us of this technology. Cost is a factor and using it in large application still poses some bit of challenge. However, given the inherent advantages surrounding it, it will not be long before it will be used not only to play VR games but also for various other purposes.

They Are Now Being Used In The Consumer Space

The role of both AR and VR are moving away from the domain of science inspired toys and games. In fact, big social media outlets like Facebook and their Oculus Rift are making use of VR and AR experience. You can also see it being use in various play stations including those of Samsung, Sony and others. Microsoft is one of the other big giant where there is regular use of virtual reality.

Microsoft HoloLens are also making use of it for offering affordable and feasible virtual reality experiences for the masses. There are also news items which talk about Google making use of VR but it certainly has come across some problems along the way. The Tango AR enhanced phone from Google is another instance where the best of this technology is being used.

The Journey Of VR

Before getting into further details about VR Melbourne experience there are a few more things also which we should bear in mind. It is important to trace back the history of VR and also AR. It would be pertinent to mention here that VR started as a small idea and the first seeds of today’s virtual reality were perhaps laid way back in the 1930s. It featured quite a bit in science fictions.

However, it was not until 1996 that one could actually enter the virtual world completely. There were many fiction books including the famous Netforce series. These books hit the market in 1999 and they talked about virtual reality as a workable and important tool.

The Development Was However Slow

Though there was quite a bit of excitement surrounding VR the progress on the ground was slow to say the least. Hence the virtual reality Melbourne world which we see today could at best of around eight to ten years. The first virtual reality came in the form of 3D videos, 3D photographs and there was very little interaction.

Though the first VR headsets came into being during the 1990s, the famous SAS cube hit the markets only in the early part of 2000. Since there has been a steady and impressive growth of VR and today there are thousands of end users who are enjoy the best of VR experience Melbourne solutions. If you look at sites like you will be able to get a clearer picture about the highly encouraging growth of VR and the various areas where it can be used.

Various Areas Where It Can Be Used

Apart from the gaming industry, there are other areas also where VR and AR can be used. These include product marketing, demo and sales, designing and testing, training, analysis of data, and much more. When it comes to training new employees it has been found that VR could certainly have a big role to play.

In factories and other such places putting employees in a real life situation without proper training could be risky. In such situations training them, using VR and AR technology could be considered wonderful.

The Future Of VR In Gaming Industry

There is no doubt that virtual reality could be opening new horizons as far as the gaming industry is concerned. Though it has been around in the gaming industry since the 1990s, the last decade has certainly seen quite a big leap. Today we have thousands of games and many of them are extremely fast paced.

They use the best of graphic technology and take back the gaming enthusiasts to the future or to the past dating back to some centuries. Hence in such situations and background, having the right VR technology certainly helps. It helps the end users to recreate the atmosphere and situation and enjoy the game much better than what is possible without the use of VR.

For examples, we have games which are all totally centered round international space stations and spacewalks. It is all about touring NASA sitting in the mission control, experiencing zero gravity in the spaceships and so on. Creating such a gaming environment would have been impossible without the VR and AR technology.

Being Market Viable Is A Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for VR is to ensure that they grow in relation to the market needs and requirements. However, at the same time, their products should be marked to the market in terms of price and affordability. That is not happening now and this is a big challenge that one needs to address as a VR developer.

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