is the electronic online payroll management as well as the human resources management system. 

The system is specifically designed to meet the needs of employees, providing multiple functionalities, etc. 

In return, it reduces the use of time-consuming documents and events.

In order to know about the services, log in details, etc, then read till the end. Login Process

Here are all the necessary steps that you need to take in order to login into your account – 

  1. Visit this link first:
  2. Then, enter your username, PIN, and your employer code in the given space. 
  3. Once done with these details, then click on “log i.”.
  4. And you are done with the process. 

In case you don’t remember your PIN, then click on “Forgot your PIN?”, mentioned below the login to get it back. 

Or you can directly visit this link and do the needful – Contact Details

We understand that you might need to know about their contact ways. 

Therefore, here are some ways that you can apply in order to do so – 

Mostly Asked Questions 

We have added a few questions that you can check out in order to solve a few doubts or queries of yours.

So, have a look at them as they might answer a few hidden questions too – 

1- How can I land on their official website page? 

You might get confused when searching for one, so click on this link to directly land on their website – 

2- How can I read about their terms and conditions? 

You can do it via this link – 

3- What are the services that they provide? 

Services of USPayserv include elimination of printing cost, giving pay subs to each employee, elimination of paper in the payroll process, and many more. 


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