It’s 2019 and the world is at its peak of modernization and technology. Starting from the infamous Enigma – a computer which took up the size of a room – to being able to fit microcomputers in our back pocket, we have surely come a long way. It is human nature to be attracted to more clean and simplified looking objects as we have observed in the growing popularity of more simplified looking televisions, smartphones, computers and even hardware transferring devices like the USB.

USB  has always been the go-to hardware component when it came to transferring. Despite its ever-growing use, it has been the cause of many stressful situations due to its awkward size and its knack of never being on the correct side when inserting it into a device. However, now all that is changing due to the upgrade in its technology. Now, we have the most advantageous and modernized version of a USB which is most commonly referred to as USB Type C.

What Exactly Is USB Type C?

The function of USB Type C is basically the same as all the previous versions of a USB. The difference between the previous versions and Type C revolves around the Type C being physically more compatible through its improved skinny and reversible design along with the fact that it is aiming to reduce the need for all other types of ports, like earphone jacks, etc. You can purchase a good quality USB Type C from

Advantages Of USB Type C:

Following are some of the most basic advantages of USB Type C that have been recognized. However, you must be aware that by the end of the list, you will wish to purchase one straight away!

  1. Small Design: Smaller components and devices are always preferred as they are easier to carry. The USB Type C is one-third of the height and half the width of a standard USB.
  2. Reversible: No more of flipping the USB at least thrice to get the correct side to insert – Type C is reversible and works with both sides!
  3. Powerful: USB Type C is perfect for charging your handy smart-phone as well as powerful enough to power a laptop.
  4. Speed: Type C does not take ages to transfer data. It is increasingly fast and can transfer up to 10 gigabits per second.
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