The Umidigi has launched its new smartwatch on the price tag of $30. It’s not a smartwatch, but still, it performs all the functions of it. The company called that is a smart bracelet.

It helps the user with a better performance while being active, connected whenever in use. Be it the Lift the wrist to view feature, or Calorie counter, all the features in it makes it an important gadget of our life. Let’s take a look at the features and review of Umidigi Uwatch:

UMIDIGI Uwatch: Specification

Lemfo Lem X Specification
Display1.33 inches OLED with 240 x 240 pixels
Memory64KB RAM & 512KB ROM
ConnectivtyBluetooth 4.0
Compatible OSAndroid 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+
Battery180 mAh Li-ion
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Umidigi Uwatch: Design and Appearance

The Umidigi Uwatch is very durable as it comes with a full metal unibody design. The circular shape of the main body easily fits on the wrist. It comes with a 2.5D curved screen and a strap which holds the dial comfortably upon the wrist.umidigi-uwatch-reviewThe watch is even scratch proof from the daily rough usage. It is also waterproof and thus will not die when coming in contact with water sometimes. It can easily attract attention as it rests on the arm due to the classic metal design. Taking into account the high operability, it is very hard to resist wearing it.umidigi-uwatch-reviewIt has the dimensions of 23.00 x 4.38 x 2.20 cm and weighs just 60 grams. Thus wearing it on the arm barely interferes with our day to day work. You can also change the strap with silicone one to get a more sporty look.

Umdigi Uwatch: Display and Performance

The UMIDIGI Uwatch has a 1.33 inch and 2.5D curved tempered screen. The round dial display screen is OLED and comes with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixel. The clock case is made from stainless steel making the screen survive shocks in case the watch falls down.umidigi-uwatch-review

The watch has the Nordic 52832 chipset with 64 KB of RAM and 512 KB of ROM. This combination provides a good performance and also high power efficiency for the smartwatch. This, in turn, provides a smooth operation and more accurate sensing and time calculation.Smartwatch-umidigi-uwatch-reviewOn the Umidigi Uwatch, there are three different UI styles which can be selected or switched from as per the user’s tastes. One UI caters to our health as it displays the steps we have walked, the calories we have burned and our heart rate. The second UI shows us the normal clock with the time and date. The third UI allows us to put any photo as a wallpaper on the watch. One can also choose and download a variety of watch faces online.

Umidigi Uwatch: Customization

The UMIDIGI Uwatch comes in three variants. All the three have the same designed clock dial with only a different strap on each. The first one is called Sports Black which has a black perforated thermoplastic elastomer strap with a stainless steel clip.Smartwatch-umidigi-uwatch-reviewThe second one is called Sports Red which also has the same thermoplastic elastomer perforated strap with two colors – black on the outside and red on the inside. It also has a stainless steel clip.

The last one is the special Milanese edition. This variant has a stainless steel bracelet which can be adjusted with the help of the given magnet control.

The watch also has the feature of DIY wallpaper and theme selection features for the user. It comes with the option to set a selected picture as the wallpaper. The color of the text of the time and day can also be changed by choosing from the different given options.

Umidigi Uwatch: Health Tracker

One of the main features of this smartwatch is its tracking ability. The heart rate monitor and sleep monitor provides us with the real-time heart rate and tracks our sleep pattern. This enables it to calculate and display analysis supports which helps us to live better.Smartwatch-umidigi-uwatch-reviewIt also has the following health features – step counter, pace, distance and calorie counter giving us additional helpful information.umidigi-uwatch-reviewAnother interesting feature is the Smart Sports Modes which are built for monitoring and doing real-time analysis of different parameters when the user is running, skipping, bicycling, playing soccer, badminton or any other outdoor games. It helps us record our performance better and displays all the data on our linked smartphone.

Umidigi Uwatch: Real-Time Notifications

The UMIDIGI Uwatch displays all incoming calls and helps us choose to reject them with just a touch. It supports connectivity with any smartphone (running on Android 4.4/ iOS 9.0 or higher) through Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. Any incoming message or notification from the apps is shown on the watch screen.

It doubles up as an alarm, having important features like event reminders, goal setting, timer and goal reminder. It can also display the weather forecast on the clock. These specifications enable the user to stay connected with the surroundings all the time and never miss any important deadlines, messages or notifications.

Umidigi Uwatch: Battery

The UMIDIGI Uwatch comes with a 180 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The content box of the smartwatch comes with a charging cable of 5V and 90mA and it can fully charge up the battery in just three hours. The charging model supports magnetic suction charging due to which there is less loss while charging which decreases the time taken. The Umidigi Uwatch has a standby time period of approximately 25 days. Depending upon the extent of utilization, the smartwatch’s battery can last in between 7 to 10 days.umidigi-uwatch-reviewJust like a smartphone, the Umidigi Uwatch also has a low battery alert which reminds us to charge it after the battery level falls below a certain level.

Umidigi Uwatch: Conclusion

At a low price of $29.99, the UMIDIGI Uwatch has become a favorite of any user who wants a high-featured, premium looking smartwatch at an affordable price range. Its wide variety of features and extensive customization options are smooth to operate. Especially, the real-time and accurate health tracking measures have been well liked by the masses. Its dual support of both iOS and Android devices makes it one of the best smartwatches at this price.