Are you looking for an excellently performing ANDROID phone that fits your budget? Then UMI DIGI G 4G Smartphone would be your right choice. The phone has the features no less than an iPhone does. Not just the performance but also the phone carries rich look as an iPhone does.

UMIdigi G Review

For the people who are still unaware to this Chinese smartphone giant, I wanna tell that UMIdigi has previously launched some flagship killer phones like Umi Z or UMIdigi C note, which were very much appreciated by the users.

UMIdigi is one of the largest selling unlocked smartphone brand in Amazon E-commerce site.This time they have come up with UMIDIGI G Smartphone. Let’s do the review of this 4g Phablet phone.

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Body & Design

Design Review

Digi G is a beautiful smartphone. It is quite a reminiscent of the Chinese smartphone OPPO. The mobile is extremely solid and well built. The body of this phone is polished with 5 layers metallic spray finishing and polycarbonate. It offers you a pleasant feeling when you hold the phone. The slim aspect adds a bit of a style to the phone. One unique property of this oleophobic polycarbonate is that even when a water drop falls on the surface it would not spread instead

They are available in two shades matte black and Golden.

My personal preference is the Matte Black. I feel it has its self-glow. If you are someone whose favorite color appears to be black then this phone would visually treat your eyes because it is a beautiful blend of classical matte and normal matte. Check the following photo and compare the 2 beauty together.

iPhone 7 Vs UMIdigi G Smartphone
iPhone 7 Vs UMIdigi G Smartphone

If you are not a fan of black then you can settle for gold. The gold-colored is not too shiny or gaudy but it carries a very subtle look.

Hardware & Software

UMI DIGI G loaded with MTK6737 Chipset with quad-core processor clocking at 1.3 GHz. This fast and highly efficient processor increase performance and reduces battery consumption of your smartphone.

This phone has 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. Yes, here we agreed the RAM number is kind of average and many of you may also think that for storing your photos and videos, this much storage is not enough.

“So here come the best part this phone has external SD Card support up to 256 GB! Isn’t it awesome.”

When talking about Operating system, Umi Digi G runs on latest Android 7.0 Nought, which ensuring a faster and smoother performance.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the strongest aspects in any mobile device. UMI DIGI G comes with a 2000mAh capacity battery, which is kind of average for a 5-inch smartphone. 2000mAh isn’t quite an impressive figure because there are similar android phones of this range which gives you an easy 3500mAh. Sadly, the phone doesn’t have the benefits dash charger or lightening fast charger.

“The good thing about the battery of UMI phones is that they don’t drain fast. It is the beauty of their product.”

This battery provides adequate battery power for your daily usage even with high usage.

Camera Review of UMIdigi G

Camera Review of UmiDIGI G

Moving on to the camera features UMI DIGI G provides an 8 MP on the backside and a 2MP on the front just like an iPhone. High resolution and superior quality images are attained. The lens captures the finest details of the scene. The phone will set a benchmark in the tech-market.

The camera is feed with features like “beautification” which adds more beauty to your beautiful image. The wholesome camera package will definitely please the photographers. The front camera does a wonderful job on video calls and live streaming chats.

Other Features

  • Anti-Dust, Anti-Dirt Body

As I mentioned above the body of this phone is made of the polycarbonates. One unique property of this oleophobic polycarbonate is that even when a water drop falls on the surface it would not spread instead forms, even more, smaller droplets. Hence this protects your phone from dust, Grease and dirt. Even after years of usage, your phone will look appealing and brand new. You don’t have to spend on the additional covers or backflips, polycarbonate will do that job.

  • Dual Sim with SD-card Slot

It supports dual NANO SIM. The SIM port can also be used as SD Card slot. This feature is commonly noticed in all Chinese smartphones.

Pros and Cons of UMIdigi G 4G Smartphone

Pros & Cons of umidigi g smatphone


  • iPhone 7 look like phone in very affordable price.
  • Android 7 which comes with a good feature package
  • 256 External memory card support
  • Excellent device for HighEnd Gamers


  • You’ve got only one port for SIM AND SD CARD. You can replace one sim with a SD Card hence this makes it hard for Dual SIM Users.
  • Battery capacity is average compared to phones of today.


The phone has the jaw-dropping price tag. Not just stop with the price tag also for the camera quality and a perfect alternative to the . If you desperately want a budget android phone that gives you all the UP-TO-DATE features then go for it. It is a holistic mixture of a great phone. It is truly touching a new level in the TECH MARKET.

(*Phone is available for the worldwide user in the unlocked condition, so no worry!)

Final Verdict

UMI DIGI G is the budget version of “iPhone 7”. It doesn’t mean that UMI DIGI G has less quality and features than iPhones. In fact, it is the next great frontier of the china mobiles. It matches all the needs of the current generation’s expectations from a smartphone.

Best Place To Buy

The Umi Digi G is not available on the all e-commress site. But still company is going to conduct a pre sale of this device on some of most trusted Platform such as GearBest, BangGood, and Coolicool. The phnone is listed on the Platform at different prices, here we listed the best price for you. So, the presale is for the limited time and limited pices go ahead and book one for youself.