UMIdigi C NOTE Hands-on Review 

UMi is a Chinese company manufacturing smartphones since last few years. It is an electronics and technical service provider with good reach all over the world. It has a presence in over twenty countries and has a loyal customer base.

UMIdigi C Note Hands on Review
UMIdigi C Note Hands on Review

UMiDIGI is the next generation of UMi and its focus is on bringing cutting-edge technology and innovation to digital products. The first phone of this new brand was UMIdigi Z Pro, which was appreciated by many users worldwide. The aim of UMiDIGI is to provide the latest technology at an affordable price without compromising the quality of its products. The company is known for its customer-centred approach as it values the voices of its customers and implements necessary changes to bring an improved product to the market.

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UMiDIGI C Note is a product of UMi and it looks quite promising. In this article, we will provide a hands on review of this budget smartphone.

Slim and sleek design:

Slim and sleek design

UMi is known for its artistic and premium looking designs. UMiDIGI C Note does not disappoint and lives up to the expectations from UMi. UMiDIGI C Note has a sleek design and has a back panel made of metal.

Back of UMiDIGI C Note

The entire back panel is made of a single slab of thin aluminium which gives the mobile a shiny and beautiful look. The rear camera is placed high up at the back and this positioning adds to the sleek look of UMiDIGI C Note. Also, the antenna lines run very thin giving the phone a minimalistic look.

Sharp display:

Sharp display of Umidigi C Note

UMiDIGI C Note 4G Phablet boasts a 5.5 inch SHARP FHD display IGZO display that seamlessly joins with the metal back panel.

The color Depth of this smartphone is just fabulous, when i compare the color intensity of this phone with my iPhone 5S and Redmi 4, it easily beat them!

The IGZO display consumes less power for backlighting when compared to other types of displays and hence battery performance is improved. The resolution of its display is 1080×1920 which promises over the top viewing experience with high colour saturation which is approx. 17% better than other mobiles, so users can be sure of a getting some extraordinary visual experience.

Decent processor:

ARM Cortex-A53 central processor

Under all its glorious metal design, buried deep inside UMiDIGI C Note is a MediaTek 6737T SoC with an ARM Cortex-A53 central processor with four cores ticking at a frequency of 1.5GHz. The processor and the Soc looks good which is better than average. However, the quad-core processor performs multi-tasking with ease and handles it better than dual core processor. Hence switching between different applications and working on multiple applications can be done efficiently.

The graphic processor is ARM Mali T720, 600 MHz dual-core chipset which is decent. With a 3 GB Ram and 32 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 256 GB, there is ample space to download and stores games and apps. On the whole, the UMiDIGI C Note has an appreciable memory.

Impressive camera:

13 MP Rear Camera

UMiDIGI C Note is a winner in terms of optics as its cameras are on par with high-end smartphones with the same camera specifications. The primary camera is a 13 MP Samsung PDAF sensor that promises a resolution of 4160×3120 pixels. The auto-focus rear camera can signal the user whether the object to be captured is in focus or not.

It comes with a dual tone LED flash to brighten up pictures. Even under low-light conditions, the camera works fine and produces good images. Here i have attached some of the photos taken by this phone.

Original Photo Sample of UMIdigi C Note

Original Photo Captured by UMIdigi C Note Rear Camera
Photo-1 by Rear Camera (indoor)
Photo 2 Rear Camera (Outdoor)
Photo 2 Rear Camera (Outdoor)

The secondary camera is a 5 MP sensor that can produce clear selfies. For those who are obsessed with photography, UMiDIGI C Note provides a professional mode with which truly brilliant images can be captured and controls can be edited manually.

Latest software specifications:

Android 7.0 OS in UMIdigi C Note
Android 7.0 OS in UMIdigi C note

The UMiDIGI C Note runs on the newest version of Android from Google, Android V7.0 Nougat which has garnered credits from the Android community for its better, faster performance and efficient notification display. This means that users get to have the best Android experience with UMiDIGI C Note.

Good battery back-up:

Perhaps, the best part about UMiDIGI C Note is its battery. The UMiDIGI C Note sports a 3800 mAh manufactured by Sony. In spite of this big battery, the device weighs only 172 g. So there is no problem in carrying the mobile in pockets without sagging.

20 Hrs Battery Back up even in heavy uses!
20 Hrs Battery Back up even in heavy uses!

According to the company big battery promises 2 days of moderate usage with one charging cycle.

However in my experience, the phone provide battery back-up of around 20Hrs even in high uses, which isn’t bad either!

The only thing which i dint like about this phone is that ” it takes too much time for full charge compare to other Mobile devices.

Additional features:

In addition to the features listed above, UMiDIGI C Note has other features which are mentioned below.

Additional features of UMIdigi C Note smartphone

  • Fingerprint scanner

UMiDIGI C Note has a fingerprint scanner that increases the safety and security provided by the mobile. The sensor is located on the front button and responds very accurately even for a slight touch.

  • Faster network

UMiDIGI C Note supports dual Sim cards and dual standby. The Sim cards can either be Nano + Micro Sim or Micro + TF. It supports 4G and hence internet browsing speed will be very high. Not only that but it can also support various other network standards. Users can browse at 4G speeds with both the networks at the same time.

  • Variety of colours

This amazing phone is available in two colours. One is a shade of silver and other is that of gold. Both colours look awesome due to the metal finish of the body.

Why Buy?

The UMiDIGI C Note 4G Phablet is priced at around $120 which is not too bad. For its price tag, it has wonderful features and packs a good battery.

“Also, the UMIdigi C Note has a classic and premium look that is ideal for flaunting. It combines rich design and good performance”.

Overall, if you are looking for a low budget smartphone featuring some high end features like good camera and a good battery life this is a good phone to invest in.



Design & Built











  • Premium quality build and design
  • Bright Screen with good color depth
  • Good Battery Back-up
  • Great Audio quality
  • Less weight despite the good battery capacity


  • Slow Battery charging
  • Not very much handy
  • No ear-plug provided (Common in all chinese phones)