UMIdigi C NOTE 2 is the leading phone that is available in the low budget that would attract the mind of people who has the low budget and looking to experience the new phone. UMIdigi C NOTE 2 is the Chinese phone that has the metallic unibody that constitutes the 5.5 inches Full HD screen that seems to be the lucrative design of the product.


This new product is booming with the market and enhances the popularity of the brand in the competitive market. This device is an improved version of its earlier UMIdigi C NOTE. The device support entire three UK 4G bands: – and on both regarding its twin slots. Due to the effective functionality and low price, there is a large number of customers toward the company.

Design of the Product

Design of the Product

The C Note2 has the identical premium design as the flagship UMIdigi Z Pro that has the alloy body made up of aluminum that has broader full HD screen. The phone is thinner compared to its predecessor c note. With the design feature and lucrative look of the product it would be the factor that supports the pros of the mobile phones. The weight of the product is 3g lighter than 172 g. The slim screen bezel and gently comprises the rounded edges at the rear that makes the product wide acceptance among the majority of the individuals.

The panel is identical as being seen in the Z Pro Model that is sharp, luminous and providing the decent light images and viewing angles. You will acquire the feasibility to adjust the temperature of color and turn toward the process of Adaptive Brightness.


Camera Review of C NOTE2

The device has the great camera and rear camera protrudes only very slightly at the rear and is being adjusted through the use of supplied clear protective gel case that would capture the great image. The device has the rear camera of 13 MP and front camera of 5MP and offers the facility to capture the Selfies. The quality of the camera is good, thus if you are looking to purchase the phone that can capture the memories with great quality under estimated budget you can choose the UMIdigi C NOTE 2.

With the HDR mode switching on the things look efficient, there would be a lot of image sharpening in evidence.



Android 7 OS in umidigi c note 2

It is amazing to watch the budget phone that has been come up with the latest version of Android 7 which is recognized as the vanilla version of the Operating system through no deviation with the Android

Hardware and Performance

Hardware and Performance

The day to day functionality and performance of the device is quite remarkable through the benchmarks below reflecting that this device can hold its own against other phones that price are actually a lot more than this product. However it seems to be capable but there are various other phones available under this budget which show more remarkable performance therefore in context of price it would be listed as the cons of the device.

Net connectivity and Extra

The only thing that device missing from the phone is internet connectivity support as defined earlier. There would be an issue in doing the mobile payment which seems to be cons of the device.As in today scenario, each person using the digital payment; therefore smart phones offer this feasibility. But lacking such things seems to create confusion in mind while you are looking to buy the phone.

Both are Nano-Sim slot and support three UK4G bands so if you are purchasing it check the issue and get the advice in prior of purchasing the device.

Pros and Cons of C-NOTE 2 Phablet


  • Price of the product
  • Lucrative Design
  • Operating System


  • Performance
  • Camera quality

Final Verdict

According to me, it is a good option to buy as the price of the product is kept low. It is well-built and designed with the premium design. The performance of the device is lacking however capable of carrying the features and functionality of the product. The camera is able to capture a decent image when there is light, however, selfies captured by the device.  I would be rating the product 4.6 star out of 5 stars.

Hope this review will assist in taking the right decision whether to purchase the product or not.

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