Tired of being left out? You’ve always wanted to try those hovering drones? If yes, then you will be quite anxious to get your hands on any of them.

But, you should not rush into purchasing one. Just because you’ve heard from your friends about them or you’ve watched people use them. Yes, “it must be fun” but, drones are as fun as they are fragile. You just can’t buy anyone, without the basic required knowledge of drones. Yeah! You may be thinking. “It’s my money, I can get what I want” well, of course it is, but you could save money by just simply knowing the best drone for you as a beginner.


In this article, I will pull you through on the necessary know how’s that will enable you to make an informed decision before purchasing a drone. As you read on, the content below will be in an order from important points and features to some recommend drones that will meet your requirement. In the search for the best beginner drones.

Let’s begin!! 

What type of drone do you seek?

As you search for the drone of your choice, you will discover the excesses of drones, once you are on the market. These excesses have different categories and are for different uses, like – racing, toys, journalism, photography, sport and so on.

Each model in any of the category mentioned earlier are sorted according to their features, quality, value and ease to use. Like any other device, the have pros and cons. Nobody buys devices without cons. Pretty much all devices in every house have them, you just want the pros. So I’m sure you have experience in buying such devices.

As a beginner, the smartest action to take, is to purchase a drone that is within your budget and possesses the features you want in a drone. It’s better than spending a lot of money on something you have little or no experience in using. The best type of drone you should get your hands on is the quad copter. Quite easy to use, fast and operator friendly. Which is perfect for learning.

Understanding Drones

Quad copters are quite famous, due to those qualities mention earlier. It is an X-shaped or H-shaped body frame device that is lifted up by four rotors. Two of the rotors rotate clockwise and the other set of two rotate anti-clockwise. For easy and supervised guidance, the quad copter possess a gyroscope and an accelerometer to measure and direct the drone’s flight in the air.

One of the reason for these being the best model for you, is the ability of the quad copter to be maneuverable and safe. In order to prevent damages. Not all drones are like the quad copter. They are a ready to fly drone (RTF).  Once of the package and after probably a little set up. The quad copter is flight-ready.

And we have the ARF (Almost Ready to fly) – this is probably for you if you like to set the parts up and at the same time, learning how they work. Drones like these require a good level of assembly before you they are ready to fly.

Lastly, we have the BNF (bind to fly) – these type of drones have every other parts except the transmitter, which is expected to be provided by you. BNF drones are usually for experienced drone users.

Features you should consider before Buying a Drone

Before you buy a drone, the first thing you need to do is to calm down. While doing that, you should consider looking for the features you require in a drone. Here are a list of features you should look for in a drone. For each of the features, I will explain to you the meaning and importance of having them.

Flight time – Let’s start with this feature. The flight time in most drones vary from different models of the range 5-30minutes. This feature is possible due to the components posed by the drone. Like the quality of the batteries. If you are looking to increase your time of flight is required to get a drone with good lasting batteries.

Camera – the camera is an extremely important accessory. It can even be found in the cheapest drones. With the camera, the drone becomes an aerial photographer or videographer. There drones with this feature. But, not all have the same quality. For instance, the camera in a racing quad copter is not usually up to the camera specs of a video or photo quad copter.

Modes – there are several modes in which a drone can have. One of it is the headless mode– once activated it enables you to have complete control of the drone despite the direction of its head.

Return home function – this enables you to command the drone’s return to its starting point. The drone returns by retracing its steps. This possible with the presence of GPS technology.

3-axial gimbal – this feature stabilizes the motion of the camera in three axies which are the yaw, the pitch and row. this helps to keep your footage stable while filming.

Range – the range of an aircraft relies on how far are you able to control your drone. The range of beginner drones like the quad copter is between 50-100 meters. For advanced drones, it is up to 5000meters.

Now were’ve gotten to this stage, here are some drones that are perfect to start with.

Syma x5c

The syma x5c is quite a popular brand among drone users. It could be because of the easily found spare parts on the market. Well that’s one of the reasons. It’s also famous for other features, like the 720p HD camera that records efficiently while flying, due to its 3-axis gimbal.

With a battery of 500mah it can stay in the air for as long as 7minutes.  The range of flight is 30meters away from you. In the end, this is an entry-level drone. Best for beginners.

DJI spark

This drone is hand size and it has a series of features that can serve you well. One of it is the  full HD camera with an image stabiliser of only 2-gimbal axis. It has the ability to fly up to 2 kilo meters from your position. It can last up in the air for up to 15 minutes.

The special and handy feature is the DJI go app that has some modes like return home, GPS, active track and tap fly. It gives your phone the ability to be a controller.


With this information you should be able to choose the best drone of you choice. This list is not exhaustive. You can find more drones form  our website for beginner drones.

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