The smartphone industry is getting bigger and better with each passing year. The rapid development of technology and the introduction of new technical concepts can be seen each year. These features become a trend among the masses and each smartphone manufacturing company tries to introduce smartphones with various combinations of specifications and these features.

Seeing the popularity of smartphones with a ‘Notch’ screen, Ulefone has released the cheapest one in the entire market, the Ulefone S10 Pro. Although some compromises have been made in the technical specifications department, for people looking for stylish and trendy phones with a premium flagship look, the Ulefone S10 Pro is a perfect choice.
Ulefone S10 Pro: Specifications

ULefone S10 Pro: Design and Appearance

One of the pros of the Ulefone S10 Pro is its beautiful and attractive looking design. Being a member of the S series-lineup, it has a sleek design with a stunning aesthetic texture like all its predecessors. It consists of minimal bezels in its display and has a notch at the front containing the front camera and receiver speaker.
It is available in three color options:
• Gold – This is a common color found today for every smartphone. It gives the smartphone a classic, sand-like look.
• Black – This color is also the most common color found in every smartphone. In the Ulefone S10 Pro, the black color comes with a glossy finish. While this may attract fingerprints and smudges, it gives a shiny glass-like look.
• Auroreous – This color is both unique and looks quite attractive on the Ulefone S10 pro.
ulefone s10 pro reviewThe shade also comes with a glossy finish giving a glass-like look majorly found on premium smartphones.

The camera setup is on the left of the backside. The fingerprint scanner is on the upper middle part having an elongated oval shape which is a perfect fit for reading fingerprints. The only downside is the setup location of the speakers. These are located on the lower, left backside and the outdated speaker design gives the phone a cheap look.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Display

Like its look, the display is also one of the strong points of the Ulefone S10 Pro. The smartphone comes with a 5.7 inch super all screen display with super narrow bezels occupying nearly the entire front panel. The screen has an HD+ resolution of 1498 x 720 pixels.ulefone s10 pro reviewIt has a 19:9 aspect ratio along with a 90% screen to body ratio. This makes the Ulefone S10 Pro have a perfect size for one-handed usage. This feature is very good for normal people who multitask a lot and suffer a little while using other large sized phones.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Hardware and Performance

The Ulefone S10 Pro certainly lacks in this department with most of the specifications being almost outdated. It comes with a MediaTek MT6739 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz.ulefone s10 pro review

The smartphone also has less RAM and internal storage than its competitors, just 2 GB, and 16 GB respectively. This combination can still handle normal multitasking of regular users, but can easily lag during heavy or extensive usage over longer periods. It also supports storage extension up to 128 GB through an additional memory card.ulefone s10 pro reviewIt has an independent audio chipset – the AW8736. This processes the sound efficiently, providing a crisp, clear and impressive output. It delivers a flawless listening experience.
In the Antutu benchmark, the Ulefone S10 Pro has an average score of 40555, which is acceptable for any budget phone, especially in this price range.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Software

It comes with the latest Android 8.1 along with regular update supports. Most of the Google apps come pre-installed on the Ulefone S10 Pro.ulefone s10 pro reviewIt supports fast fingerprint unlock having a 0.1 second unlock speed and can store up to 5 fingerprints at a time for unlocking.

It also supports the latest face unlock feature. This has 0.2 seconds unlock speed and has 512 landmark detection.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Connectivity

The Ulefone S10 Pro supports a dual SIM setup along with an external dedicated memory card slot. The voice quality during calls is good. It supports both 3G and 4G LTE network.
In Wi-Fi, it supports 802.11 a, b, g, n (2.4G + 5G). It also has a Bluetooth 4.0 support.
It also has the support of GPS and Glonass for more precise and accurate directions. This dual direction feature enables us to smoothly traverse through any location with losing our way.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Camera

The Ulefone S10 Pro has dual back cameras with a 16 MP and 5 MP setup along with dual LED Flash. It also has an 8 MP front camera.ulefone s10 pro reviewThe back cameras capture good photos in proper lighting conditions. The front camera along with the in-built beauty feature can capture nice and clear selfies in bright light.
It can record videos at 1080p, but the absence of any stabilization feature results in low-quality videos, especially when capturing any movement.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Battery

The Ulefone S10 Pro has a 3350 mAh battery and along with the smart energy-saving management of the smartphone, it can easily support a whole day of usage with a single, full charge.ulefone s10 pro reviewIt can stay up to 290 hours in standby mode. It also supports 9 hours of talk time or 23 hours of listening to music or 7 hours of video recording.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Conclusion and Reviews

The Ulefone S10 Pro is an all-rounder device having a notch design resulting in smaller bezels, a high screen to body ratio and a dual camera setup. Under a tight budget, this smartphone is should be given proper consideration if one is looking for a smartphone for normal daily usage and multitasking.

Although it may lose to some of its competitors in some departments by a narrow margin, price-wise it still makes up by providing a complete package.

Ulefone S10 Pro: Price and Where to buy

The Ulefone S10 Pro is available at a discounted price of $69.99 due to the Ulefone Christmas Sale which is valid until 25th December. The device is on presale promotion till 11th December and one can acquire an additional free TPU protective case if one places an order within this time period.

The smartphone is available at the company’s official website and also on Aliexpress.
The Ulefone S10 Pro is a good smartphone in this price segment having the latest notch display, and acceptable hardware specifications. Thus this makes it a good phone for daily usage.