In the era where you are always constantlybeing supplied with smartphones from which you do not know what to choose, Ulefone Armor X 4G is one among the very few good phones you can afford to trust. It comes with some of the greatest and most wanted specifications of today’s world. Here are few of the specifications which make it being called as “one of the best phones available today “:

Perfect Rugged Smartphone:

Armor X Review

The one best feature of the phone is that it is Rugged Smartphone. A drop from a height of 6 ft will be of no consequence to the phone.Gone are days of buying additional phone cases to keep your investment safe.Its armor case encases shock absorbing synthetic material which will keep your internals safe and gives your phone a long life. Its back and frame are resistant to scratches. It has both plastic to resist impact and metal to resist scratches and giving it the quality feel.

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Sharp HD+ Display Quality 

Armor X has got a screen size of 5.45 inches with an IPS HD+ Display of resolution 720p ( 1440 x 720 Pixels ). It gives you a sharp and crisp image and video quality with an extremely high refresh rate making the screen very responsive and enhancing the user experience. It has a vast diversity in colors giving you bright and vivid images and videos. It has amazing brightness suitable for outdoor use. Its screen size makes it ideal for gaming and watching movies.

It also comes with a shatter proof glass keeping you from worrying about using tempered glass to protect it. It comes with Gorilla glass 5 which is stronger than most other glasses resisting almost all forms of tensile and compressive stresses. it is flexible making it reliable and at the same time it is resistant to scratches.

Power packed Hardware

Power packed Hardware

Ulefone Armor X 4G uses a quadcore 1.3GHz ARM Cortex A53 processor which even iphone 4S does not use. More the cores in the processor, more efficiently the product is supposed to work. Quadcore processor means that you can run multiple tasks at the same time without any slightest decrement in the speed or efficiency of the mentioned features of the phone. Each core is supplied with the same amount of efficiency components and each core takes up four tasks separately. Until the number of tasks remain four and below, you will have all the highest speeds possible.

The Ulefone Armor X 4G uses a MediaTek MT6739, 64-bit processor which is one of the best chipset available in the market. There are very few mobiles which have taken up the might to use this MediaTek MT6739, 64-bit processor and Ulefone Armor X 4G is one of those very few phones. There will be no kind of technical issues if you use this phone for your regular basis too. It has PowerVR GE8100, 570 MHz GPU providing snappy gaming quality and VR support for the virtual reality enthusiasts.

Large Storage (up to 128GB) with average 2 GB RAM 

It has got a 2 GB RAM (Random Access memory) on which the phone completes all its functions. Although it’s not much but still we can expect a lot more from this smartphone. It comes with a 16 GB internal memory, that is, 16 GB internal ROM. It can also support up to 128 GB external source of memory. Now, you can have as many photos and videos on your phone and still save up as much memory a you want as well.

Decent Battery capacity

It has a non- removable 5000 mAh lithium- ion battery capable of powering your device without charge for a whole day of extensive use and one week of standby.

13MP+5MP Dual Rear Camera

Armor X Dual camera
Armor X Dual camera

The phone has got a dual rear camera with a 13 Megapixels of one camera and 5 Megapixel with another camera with Dual LED Flash. The front camera has a 8 Megapixel with a flash.

 Extra Features 

o   Supports Dual Sim:TheUlefone Armor X 4G supports a dual sim set up housing two nano SIMs each with 4G LTE support.

o   IP68 Verified Device: The Ulefone Armor X 4G is IP68 certified dust and water resistance. It is built in such a way that it can withstand all kinds of shock.

 Final Conclusion

Considering all the above features, one can always say that this phone is built to last for a lifetime. It can get through the roughest of use and at the same time it provides the user the best of the features a budget smartphone can offer.

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