Anyone who wishes to buy a phone, will have certain qualities that you would expect from a phone? Some might have a vision of having a wider glass but for some, it would be the space and storage and for few people including me its the camera. What if there is a phone that merges all our vision. A phone that brings the vision into a reality. A phone of your dreams.

UHANS S3 Phablet
UHANS S3 Phablet Phone

Uhans S3 would definitely be on everyone’s “MUST-HAVE” list after this review down here. It is truly one kind of the phone that gets your attention.The Uhnas is not new in in this mobile manufacturing world, they previously also launched Uhans U300, Uhans A6 etc.

There are a number of reasons as to why one needs this phone. This reasons could be It’s stunning camera, Its bright large screen or as the company stated “Big Screen Big Entertainment”. It is highly fancy at this very budget price.



I am quite taken away by the build of this phone. A very large screen phone with well built, super thin. There are phones out in the market with these specifications but how many are will have the right balance. It gives you the perfect grip to hold even if it is slightly big on hands. Another key feature is that it has the fingerprint sensor on the rear panel below the rear camera. Nowadays, many mobile devices are coming up this one so this isin’t anything new.

Color variant of Uhans S3

They are available in 3 different shades Gold, Rose-Gold and Silver. These are the standard colours available in the recent mobiles.

My personal favourite is the Silver. I believe silver has its own elegance and carries an effortless rich look. You don’t have to dress it up with any additional covers or cases. The shade speaks it all. Gold and Rose gold carries a very suttle look.”


DISPLAY of Uhans S3 Smartphone

Talking about the looks, I was just flattered by its look. There are so many mobiles come out of the factory day-by-day but sadly very few impresses us. This one is one among them. It has a beautifully large phablet phone with a wider 6.0 inch HD display. There is this picture perfect clarity that the phone can assure. The games, videos or be it anything, you get to see a crystal clear image. Most of the phones look dull and boring without a proper build of the screen.

“Uhans s3 gives you the right texture and tone to every move of your screen. To all the E-Readers out there, there is a  reason for you to switch to Uhans s3”.

The most suitable phone for great reading. A 6-inch display is more than what you can ask for a phone of this cost. Dear Gamers wanna experience the feel of good gaming??  then Uhans s3 will never fail to surprise you. A great go to those movie buffs, Uhans s3 gives you a theatre-like experience so sit back and grab a popcorn.



The camera is what I look into in a smartphone. I would buy a phone when its camera favours me. It has 8 MP rear camera supported by Dual LED and 2 MP Front.

“The camera specification is quite average. Nowadays, almost all the mobile phones come with no less than 8MP both rear anf front. But when we consider the cost factor, this is a great deal”.

The picture turns out to be so great with the utmost quality. The mobile assures Insta-ready pictures.


A stunning 3100mAh battery capacity giving your phone a long day life.  A great- battery supported phone.  The battery capacity is close to what ONE PLUS can give. The battery just enhances the quality of the phone. For this pocket -friendly price this is such a bang-on quality.

The battery lets you play games for long hours without any quick fall in battery level. You can go live on Facebook, upload a video on Instagram, constantly chat on WhatsApp groups, in the end, you will still be left with more charge. Plus, the software also gives its hands when it comes to the battery save. You will save more than you spend.


They are powered by Android version 6 Marshmallow. Android 6 is soo defined. You get amazing features with this OS. Plus, the software is developed just to save battery life. The OS are designed in such a way that we can share files easily with other devices and also it is great and smooth built. Any Android user will realise that this has much easier platform than any other OS. So the software is another plus point of the mobile. One can get the best gaming experience when playing. For this budget mobile, the software is a piece of cake.

Pros & Cons of Uhans S3



  • Large screen 6-inch Budget phone with real entertainment!
  • Amazing battery capacity the best companion for gaming and long hours of video watching.
  • Supported by a Smooth, friendly operating system.
  • Fabulous fabrication of the phone is a bonus plus.


  • Very low RAM capacity: It is slightly on the lower scale of the graph.
  • Average Camera

Why Buy

My simple suggestion would go for it. You can buy this one without giving it a second thought. The Large bright screen along with its budget price tag, surely make it a better device from other. The phone gives you all the features of a higher end phones at a price as low as $80.