Ubisoft has been getting a lot of stick in the past few years and that is for strong reasons. The company was once loved by millions, mainly because of its famous franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, FarCry and many more. All of these games are loved by millions up to this date, yet some of the latest entries have upset a lot of their fans and people are just moving on to better games in terms of playability and freshness of ideas. There are millions of theories out there but these are a few reasons why I personally think Ubisoft isn’t the same anymore.

It’s not like Ubisoft is going bankrupt in the coming years but the love for the company and its games has diminished a lot. Most of the franchises like FarCry and Assassin’s Creed have lost the aesthetic and their very soul that they were once hailed for and regarded as the best. Being an Assassin’s Creed fan, it’s been nothing but disappointments after Black Flag. The series that once had our hearts gripped is nothing but just another RPG these days. They are trying to mimic games like Witcher 3 so bad that the games released in the franchise don’t quite retain that traditional Assassin’s Creed essence and originality.

So is the case with the Farcry franchise. Farcry 3 has most probably the biggest fanbase in the series and the later games were nothing but versions of the same game with different themes and settings. Ubisoft just won’t stop repeating the same elements and features and it’s getting on everyone’s nerves now. Rainbow Six Siege, the game that you can get on Gamecamp.gg, has somewhat managed to make up for the damage as players are loving it but the charm these franchises once held seems to be fading away.

The company is just going after big bucks these days while it was quite the opposite a decade back. Ubisoft and its video game series meant something, they stood for something and the loyal fan base is proof of that. All those Ezio lovers are living proof of loyalty to Ubisoft’s finest games that are still being loved and cherished by millions. I hope Ubisoft starts putting souls back in their games and not just cashing them in and looting their fans for games with no meaning.

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