Nowadays, a lot of people use the Internet to access video streaming websites to watch their favorite movies and tv series on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These sites are very popular because people can access them wherever they are located as long as there is an Internet connection.

But if you’re tired of watching great movies and brilliant tv series on your phone, because its screen size is very inconvenient and you can hardly make out the details, or you’re just tired of doing this alone. You want to have your friends or family experience watching these movies and television series with you.

You’re going to be thrilled about TV Buddy Caster, which is a device that lets you transfer pictures or videos from your phone to your big screen tv, to let you watch your favorite movies and shows more comfortably. It also functions as a TV streaming device that gives you a Full High Definition experience.

This equipment allows you to watch YouTube, for example, on your TV without being interrupted by advertisements or the fear of being tracked online. You don’t have to anything complicated or have any special tool or training. All you need is the usual TV and your own TV Buddy Caster, plus an internet connection and you can watch movies and television shows, play music and games, and more!

This “Plug and Play” device supports the latest Android, Mac, and iOS devices, supports Full HD and 1080 pixels resolution, HDMI compatible, and has numerous modes, such as AirMirror, Airplay, Netflix, YouTube among others.

According to TV Buddy antenna reviews this device supports different audio formats such as WMA, WAV, OGG, and MP3, etc. This device can play VOB, MKV, AVI and FLV, and many others. You can also view your photos even if your collection has BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats. Aside from your smartphone and tablet, other devices could also connect to TV Buddy Caster, such as computers, laptops, and smart televisions.

TV Buddy Review

If you use this device, you can enjoy these perks that are way too good for such a small device:

  1. TV Buddy Caster is so easy to connect, you just have to plug it in your HDMI port, make a few selections on your mobile device and your TV settings, and you can now transfer videos from your phone to your TV in less than a minute. This device comes with a manual to guide you with its installation.
  2. You can stream Full HD content. Imagine watching a Full HD movie, where all the details are magnified on both its video and audio at the comfort of your living room. You will feel like your in the high-end moviehouse, but better. You can relax and lie down on your comfortable couch while eating your favorite snacks without paying a lot of money.
  3. There’s no delay or lagging of the signal. You’re going to enjoy uninterrupted TV. Now, that’s great news if you know how inconvenient a delayed or lagging TV signal can be, this irritating experience can turn a what could be an enjoyable weekend TV marathon, into an unpleasant weekend full of tinkering with your TV or TV remote.
  4. It supports many services, unlike its competition, which only supports a few. A good streaming device is a versatile one, because what good is a device if it can only play a few options. A TV Buddy Caster can be used with multiple devices.
  5. It supports many videos, audios, and picture formats. This is also related to versatility. A streaming device should be able to play and access different filetypes to make the viewing experience more diverse and enjoyable.
  6. The picture and sound quality are very good. Of course, a TV Buddy Caster provides a clear and crisp picture and sound since this device operates using top of the line technology. Thus, this device can offer a Full HD quality viewing experience.
  7. Its price is very reasonable. For such a high-tech and versatile device, a TV Buddy Caster is reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong buying this device, a lot of people bought this device and never regretted doing so. You can look up all the great reviews made for this device, and you can immediately notice that its usefulness outweighs its price.
  8. You can save a lot of money. After purchasing this device, you don’t have anything to pay for. You don’t have to pay any monthly bills because you don’t need to be under contract with any cable company. You won’t need cable, because you can have all the movies, tv shows, music, games and many more just by using your TV Buddy Caster. But of course, you still would need to have to pay for an Internet connection, which you probably have anyway, prior to you purchasing this device. An Internet connection is a necessity today, and people do their banking, shopping, and many other activities online.

If you’re into streaming content, then the TV Buddy Caster is perfect for you. You can watch your favorite sporting event, award ceremonies, your favorite television shows, and movies. You don’t have to rely on cable TV anymore. Since cable subscription costs a lot when you add those monthly bills, you’re better off streaming what you like to watch with this perfect device.

This amazing device can perform a lot of things as well, such as streaming your favorite tracks from different artists. These songs can come from Spotify, SoundClould, Google Music, and many more music content providers. You can also discover that the TV Buddy Caster has no problem accessing and playing content from Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, YouTube, and a lot more.

If you love streaming content all day with all the comfort of watching your favorite content on a big screen TV, then owning a TV Buddy Caster is definitely a good investment to have. One could hardly think of any reason otherwise.

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