Sometimes your password to your computer system turns out to be of more value than the system itself. It may sound peculiar, but isn’t that fact true? Don’t you feel the desperation and agony when you fail to remember your admin password and become abstrusely helpless to access your computer?

Apart from the usual local passwords for local user accounts, admin account passwords are essential of all for you can access your computer with all the admin privileges only through your admin account. Thus forgetting your key password can really bring about serious calamities. But after reading this entire article your distress would come to a haul, as the solutions mentioned below in the article would definitely resolve your issue with 100% guarantee.

Just keep reading the entire contents of this article to know the methodologies.

Solution #1: Reset Windows 7 Password with Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is one of the oldest password recovery tools which implements hashtag algorithms to run several simulations to recover your forgotten Windows password with a brute-force attack. Continue reading to know the method functionality:

Step 1: Firstly, download the Cain & Abel program file from an accessible computer and burn the ISO image file into an empty flash drive.

Step 2: Now; insert the loaded flash drive into the locked computer and wait for a while until the program is loaded.

Step 3: Press certain keys on your keyboard as per your computer brand to enter your “BIOS” menu. Select the drive in which the program file is loaded.

Step 4: Once the file is loaded, all the user accounts of the computer be it local or admin will be displayed on the interface screen of the software. You have to open the boot key option to navigate the drive where you have installed your operating system.Reset Windows 7 Password

Step 5: Now; simply right-click on the locked account name and browse to the following location: Brute-force attack > NTML hashes.Reset Windows 7 Password

The recovery process may take from few minutes to several hours and once done, you can copy paste the password to somewhere safe and use it later to access your computer.


• It is an outdated program and might not be compatible at times with your system.
• It does not support Windows 8/10.
• It takes way too much time to recover the password.

Solution #2: Recover Windows 7 Password with OphCrack Tool

Ophcrack is a very old password recovery tool but is very effective in resolving your issue in time of emergency. It actually recovers the password instead of resetting it only. Thus you don’t need to memorize a new password again, but your old password will be at your hand with this tool. The steps for the manual application of this method are given below:

Step 1: Download the Ophcrack program file from the official website on a separate working computer and burn the ISO file into a bootable CD/DVD.

Step 2: Insert the bootable disk into the locked computer, and reboot the computer.

Step 3: Now; Ophcrack will be loaded automatically on the software interface screen. Choose “Ophcrack Graphic Mode-Automatic” and click “Enter”.Reset Windows 7 Password

Step 4: Ophcrack basically implements Brute-Force attack to recover your password, so it might take even several hours. Hence you need to be patient while the recovery process is going on.

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Step 5: Once the process is over, the recovered password will be displayed on the main interface screen like the following screenshot.Reset Windows 7 Password


• It is an outdated recovery tool.
• It doesn’t work with Windows 8 and 10.
• It recovers passwords containing at the most 8 characters.

Solution #3: Reset your Windows 7 Password with Tunesbro Windows Password Recovery Tool

TunesBro WinGeeker Ultimate is a wonderful open source utility available on the Internet. One of the most significant features of this tool is that it can bypass the log-in screen without re-installing your operating system and be losing any system data.

It is 100% authentic with complete guaranteed results, unlike other tools and methods in which there is no full guarantee of the expected results.

Key Features of TunesBro WinGeeker Tool:

• It supports all the Windows Desktop OS, be it XP/ 7/ 8/ 10 and the server OS as well, such as 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2013.
• It can work on UEFI, BIOS boot, DSI legacy mode.
• It supports mostly all the hard drives, such as SSD, HDD, SATA, etc.
• It loses no system data.

Pre-requisites prior to using TunesBro WinGeeker Tool:

• An accessible computer apart from the locked down computer.
• The TunesBro WinGeeker program file.
• An empty pen-drive with at least 500 MB storage capacity.

Now; TunesBro recovery tool operation’s guidelines are exemplified in steps below:

Step 1: Download the WinGeeker tool separately on a working computer and install it properly.

Step 2: From the interface screen select “USB or CD/DVD” as media type, and insert the flash drive.Reset Windows 7 Password

Step 3: Click on “Burn USB” to burn the ISO image file of the tool into the empty flash drive. Upon completion of the process, you will receive a notification “Burning Successfully”. Click “Ok” to finish the process.

Step 4: Now; unplug the pen drive and re-insert it into the locked computer, press your certain computer keys to enter the “BIOS settings menu” and select the drive you have chosen as the bootable drive for the program file to load the file into the locked computer.Reset Windows 7 Password

Step 5: Locate and select your locked account and click on “Reset Password” and “Reset” button to finish the recovery process.Reset Windows 7 Password

After a moment your system will be restarted, but this time you won’t see any password protection on the login screen and you gain straight access to your Windows 7 system.


As you can see that while several methods and recovery tools promise the user to reset Widows password with full-fledge authenticity fail at last to live up to the agendas in time.
While TunesBro WinGeeker tool not only promises, but authentically proves its worth with the rightful performance in bypassing the login screen altogether thereby enabling the user to access his/her computer easily. So if you have ever come across this situation, you better stick to TunesBro Windows reset tool over any other software tools.
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