Android and iOS. These two seem to be the only thing on everyone’s minds when talking about technology and smart gadgets. The hype is real, but not without controversy. The notorious case of breaching privacy and not being secure enough to protect user data from being hacked or cracked into has been up for ages now. The threat being the malicious intents associated with spyware products that are not only being made by criminals but for commercial use available in the app stores as well. The tension becomes intense when these developers compete to see which one provides the most access to the administrator in charge of viewing the target device.

Best Spy APP
Top Spyware Apps for Android and iOS


If you have ever wanted complete access to a smartphone from a distance and without ever wanting to alert the user of the target device that the device is being monitored, you should buy FlexiSPY. The app comes with Extreme and Premium versions. The premium version offers the standard features and access to the target device that a spy app can give but if you get the extreme version you can have a lot more. Consider yourself being able to know not only how to read someone’s text messages but being able to access the target phone’s camera and microphone at your will. You can record the feeds off of both of them. This is by far the best app that has made it into the market yet.


Hoverwatch is ultimately a standard spyware application that provides you with all the basic features that are expected from a spy app. The difference between the basic spy app and Hoverwatch is its feature that gives you enough access to take screenshots of the target phone’s screen but also lets you record calls and takes photos of people using the screen. With a $20 subscription, that’s as good as it gets for spy apps at that rate since better features are costly. Hoverwatch is very easy to install and activate and luckily, doesn’t require much. Androids 4.0 and up along with PCs and Macs are Hoverwatch’s domain.


Xnspy provides a variety of features to help its users monitor a device. It is compatible with the iPhone as well as Android operating systems. With the application, one can monitor location, photos, instant messaging applications, call logs, contact list, email, browsing history, Wi-Fi network logs, and much more.

Xnspy is compatible with the Android versions 4.0–9.0. When it comes to iPhones, the app is compatible with iOS 6.X to 12.2. Depending on your iOS, you can either opt for Jailbreak or No Jailbreak version of the app.

Performance-wise, the app runs smoothly on the monitored phone without it draining the resources such as battery and data. The app can be run in either hidden or visible mode depending on the user’s requirements.

It is a complete tool when it comes to monitoring a cell phone. The subscription packages offered by Xnspy are affordable. You can purchase a subscription plan on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Highster Mobile:

As the competition increases, so does the feature list provided by every company and developer team out to get the spot for the best spy app in the market. Highster Mobile is one such nominee that gives you all the offline access that you can ask for. The private data like photos, browsing history, contact lists, logs, etc. that are kept off of the internet and can’t be made available even when you have control of the hardware is the domain where Highster Mobile Spy App surpasses a lot of competition. You can even use Highster Mobile to monitor social media accounts and all the activity happening on or through them. A lot of parents have appreciated the efforts made by the developers to provide access to their kids’ devices that inform and notifies them of all the things that their kids are getting involved in. A lot of people might find it to be a breach of privacy of the kids but that’s a whole different argument.


If you know a thing or two about iPhones, you would understand that a lot of spy apps will require a jailbreak before they can be installed and their functions are made available for use. But mSpy is one such spy app that can work even without it. And not just the limited features that people might think it would have left access to. All parents have to do is have the child’s Apple ID and Password. Think of it like having a mirror screen for your kids’ phones. The keyloggers that it has provided are something no other has provided and it helps in making sure that you get all the information that is being typed even into pop up texts that other spy apps can’t read. mSpy is probably the top spy app to exist in the market today as it also provides WhatsApp and all other social media monitoring as well.

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