Many tech fans are also getting a smartwatch to accompany their smartphone. However, there are just so many on the market right now which makes it hard to decide on which smartwatch to get. Another issue that people have when choosing which smartwatch to get is whether it suits their lifestyle and their budget.

In this article, we have listed four of the best smartwatches so far. All these smartwatches come with incredible specs as well as great features. Whether you are an iOS or an Android user, you can surely find a smartwatch that will be pair greatly with your smartphone.

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

WatchOS | Compatible with iOS only | 44mm or 40mm case size | 18 hours battery | LTE/4G options available | Features: fitness tracking, suitable for swimming, heart rate, Apple Pay, phone notifications, make/take calls

Starting this list with one of the most popular smartwatches in the market, the Apple Watch SE. The tech giant has a wide range of smartwatches under their Apple Watch product line, but the Apple Watch SE is easily one of the best that they have released so far. The smartwatch features a watchOS operating system and up to 18 hours of battery. Not only does the smartwatch come with great fitness apps but its sleek design means you can wear it anytime, anywhere.

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The downside to the Apple Watch is that it is only compatible with iOS devices so if you are not an iPhone user, you might have to skip out on this one. However, if you are an iPhone user, getting the Apple Watch is great because it allows access to your iPhone notifications without needing the phone near you. Also, if you opt for the 4G variant, you can make and take calls with just your Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Tizen OS | Compatible with both iOS and Android | 41mm/45mm + 1.2-inch/1.4-inch display | 360 x 360 Super AMOLED screen | 247mAh/340mAh battery | LTE versions available | Exynos 9110 Dual core 1.15 GHz | Features: ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep tracking, heart/rate VO2 max, fall detection

Samsung also has its own line of smartwatches and included in the line-up is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This smartwatch uses Tizen OS technology, which many have said is similar to an Android operating system. The Galaxy Watch features a Super AMOLED screen as well as a long battery life that can last more than a whole day.

Unlike the previously mentioned Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can also use this smartwatch for health purposes because it comes with several fitness and wellbeing apps. Another convenient feature that the smartwatch has is fall detection which will automatically deploy an emergency alert if it detects that the user has fallen and has not made any movement for a while.

Garmin Venu 2

Wear OS | Compatible with both iOS and Android | 45mm case size | Dedicated sports tracking modes | 5ATM water resistance | Features: Heart rate and pulse OX, stress tracking, Body Battery, GPS capabilities, offline Spotify/Amazon Music, Garmin Pay

Garmin is known for its GPS and wearables so for them to come out with a great smartwatch is not surprising. The Garmin Venu 2 combines science-based health monitoring with a sleek and comfortable design to provide users with a reliable workout companion. However, dedicated sports tracking is not the only highlight of this smartwatch.

The Garmin Venu 2 is supported by the Wear OS technology from Google which allows it to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The smartwatch is water-resistant and comes with incredible GPS capabilities. You can also access the Spotify and Amazon Music app directly from the watch. Also, depending on your region and its availability, you can use the Garmin Pay feature to make contactless payments.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Custom OS | Compatible with both iOS and Android | 1.39-inch, 454 x 454 resolution AMOLED touchscreen | 16 days battery life | 5ATM water resistance | Features: Amazon Alexa controls, good GPS accuracy, 117 exercise modes, in-depth fitness data from Firstbeat, 50 hours of GPS tracking

Those that have enjoyed Xiaomi’s mid-range and budget-friendly phones might just enjoy their budget-friendly smartwatches. The Xiaomi Mi Watch is the Chinese tech company’s contender to the smartwatch battle, and it uses a custom operating system that is compatible with both iOS and Android. In addition to that, the smartphone comes with an AMOLED touchscreen as well as an extensive battery life.

Users with Amazon Alexa will be pleased to know that you can link the smartwatch to your Amazon account to control Alexa. You can also get 117 pre-installed exercise modes to match your workout sessions as well as access to in-depth fitness data via Firstbeat. Overall, the Xiaomi MI Watch is great to have if you want to keep in touch with your health and fitness.

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