Apps have become important parts of all walks of life, and football is no different.An estimated 3.4 billion people are said to have watched at least some part of the Russian World Cup. That is almost half of the world’s population.

And it is no wonder football is so popular. Between the shock upsets, player scandals and unbelievable moments, there are so many different aspects of the game to follow. Luckily for fans, a plethora of apps exist to keep up to date with everything regarding the sport. Here are five apps in particular that any football fan should download.

Premier Injuries

Whether you are simply interested in who will play, or maybe you are one of the millions obsessed with fantasy football and must know who to avoid selecting this week, Premier Injuries is a great app to have.

It not only displays the availability of every Premier League player, but also offers an injury prognosis as well as the date in which the player will likely return to action. No other app out there delivers such reliable and informative data. So why wouldn’t you want to be in the know before all of your mates?


Flashscore is one of the most useful apps to download for any fan due to the detail and scale that it operates on. In essence, it is an app that provides live scores, results, standings and fixtures for a host of different sports – football obviously included. However, where other apps simply just offer that information, Flashscore goes a lot, lot further.

Their live centre is what stands out above the rest for this app. From there, you’ll be able to see team lineups, stats, odds for a range of betting markets and even have access to live text commentary. In terms of the scale of Flashscore, from Morocco to Mauritius, they have pretty much every senior league you are going to need covered. The extent of the information provided varies depending on the size, popularity and exposure of each league, so don’t expect to be receiving live updates from Trinidad and Tobago or San Marino anytime soon. But we challenge you to find a league that they’re missing.

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Sky Sports

In truth, we could have gone for a few apps here. But in terms of a reputable app that gives fans the very latest news, Sky Sports is the pick. With its easy-to-use interface, users can seamlessly navigate to their intended page to get to the content they want to see.

Not only is the app easy to navigate, but also the actual content is dynamic and offers a great insight into the sport. Within many of the articles, videos are frequently included to add to the informative experience. This is nothing too groundbreaking, but when they offer highlights from games, exclusive player interviews and insights from legendary Monday Night Football pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, it sets it at another level.

Gary Neville (as shown) and Jamie Carragher are widely considered the most entertaining punditry duoGary Neville (as shown) and Jamie Carragher are widely considered the most entertaining punditry duo.

BT Sport

We could have said the Sky Sports TV app for this one as well but considering BT have exclusive Champions League rights, BT Sport is the one to go for.

Assuming you possess a valid subscription, the app is a must have. With every single European match in the season, it’s the only place to watch those epic midweek encounters. Nowhere else will you see Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester City and all of the other European heavyweights battle it out for club football’s most prestigious prize – not to mention the 42 Premier League matches the company shows each season.

Football Manager

Any football fan worth his season ticket knows that Football Manager is the only game for real fans. Forget FIFA, some people’s idea of the best console game available. This stats-based engine fuels many an hour of strategising-fun.

As a game that started out on PC, some had reservations about whether it could make the transition over to handheld devices. However, in 2010 the game was made available for mobile and it has been going strong ever since. Despite not being as detailed as the PC version, the app still has an enormous database, incredible attention to detail and all round playability. So it definitely makes for a good purchase.

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