Smartphones have become personal assistants for us, and we trust them with very personal information. But there is always a risk that a gadget will get into the hands of a person we don’t want to share anything personal with. It’s good that there are applications that can help hide such files, messages, and contacts on your smartphone. In today’s material, we’ll talk with you about how to hide all this on your smartphone. We will not consider the ethical side of this issue. It doesn’t matter for what reasons you want to do this – to hide a gallery with Russian women photos or some application from your girlfriend, all this can be done with the help of special apps. Let’s move on to the list of the most popular apps with which you can hide any data. Their installation is no different from the usual apps. The principle of work is to hide the desired information, and their launch is possible only after entering a password.

  1. Smart Hide Calculator

Let’s start with the free Smart Hide Calculator. It’s disguised as a calculator on your smartphone and displays hidden items after entering a previously set numeric password. It can hide not only applications but also folders or groups of files on certain parameters. And yes, you can use it as a calculator.

  1. ZERO Communication

Zero Communication is an application for working with messages. If you install the program as the main tool for working with messages, it will create a private folder closed to outsiders, where you can add all confidential messages. The application is free and very simple and high-quality at the same time, judging by the reviews.

  1. KeepSafe

This free application has two useful functions. First, it moves allpersonal photos and videos into a closed ‘vault’ with a special password to enter. And second, it creates a false password.When entering it, an empty storage will open. As a result, after installing the application, we get excellent protection from prying eyes and the separate storage for photos and videos.

  1. Vault

This application can hide not only photos and videos but also contacts of girls and messages. At the moment, messages can’t be hidden if you have Android 5.0. But there is a possibility to hide messages on Facebook. The application has a paid version that will allow you to store your hidden files in the cloud, hide the Vault icon, and notify of hacking attempts. The cost is $2.99 per month.

  1. AppLock

This is a real professional tool for hiding information on a smartphone. With it, you can hide photos or videos, block incoming calls and messages withsex offers, prevent the installation or removal of applications, change settings, launch applications, and much more. The first time you start, you create code that will allow you to access the storage with hidden photos and videos, as well as modify application settings. We advise you to carefully study the settings of AppLock.You can find a lot of useful information for yourself.

  1. Andrognito

Developers of Andrognito promise three-stage protection of your files. Compared to similar apps, the application has a very good design. You have the choice between two types of encryption: fast and slow. In practice, slow encryption is not so slow. With it, your files will be really protected, which can’t be said about fast encryption. Anyway, there is a difference between them, and you should check it out.

  1. Hide App

We finish our review with this application. It can be downloaded from Google Play, for example. A unique feature is that after installation, it can be renamed, and it will not stand out from other application, for example, MyApps or MyNotes.

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