Smartphones are advancing in having more messaging platforms. Most of them are dependent on the internet. However, text messages remain as they were, and people are still using them.

It’s safer to communicate via SMS if you don’t want the possibility of data leaking on the internet. The sad part is that everyone who wants to hide a secret will go the text way. When loved ones and those close to you are involved in secrecy, you will be tempted to spy.

Since you don’t want them to know, we have the top six definitive ways to spy on someone’s text messages. They will never show your intentions, and you will always get every shared SMS remotely.

Part 1: Minspy Text Messages Spying Application

The first one on the list is a solution you may have come across if you have been researching. It’s the Minspy monitoring tool that millions of people are enjoying in more than 190 countries. It can spy on many things, but today, we will be focusing on text messages.

As you spy, you want to remain hidden at all times. This app helps you with that by using the stealth mode feature. It aids the app to work in the background, which means the user will never be aware of Minspy.

Once hidden, it will get you the following:

  • All the sent and received messages
  • Contact details of those involved
  • Timestamps
  • Any attached files

In short, Minspy will not leave anything behind. It doesn’t matter whether the phone is Android or iOS. In the latter phone’s platform, it will get you even the deleted iMessages.

It’s important to note that it does not require any rooting or jailbreaking before the spying process.

In Android, it works with OS version 4.0 and above. You need to install Minspy once on the targeted phone and activate the stealth mode. If you want to spy an iPhone, Minspy is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

You don’t need any download or installation for the Apple case. Minspy will use the iCloud ID to spy the SMSs, which means stealth mode is automated here. It’s after the acquisition that you get to spy on other’s text messages via Minspy’s website.

Everything you need will be on the web-based dashboard in your account. You can access it anywhere if you have an internet connection and your login credentials. The data you spy from your target will always be protected.

Minspy does that by syncing the messages when you log in instead of storing them. So, any external attacks will not be successful since the cloud will always be empty.

How to Spy on Text Messages Using Minspy Solution

Step 1: Register an account on Minspy’s website and select the targeted phone’s OS. You will see all the available subscription plans. Choose the one that meets your objectives and proceed to complete the payment.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email with the login details, receipt and setup guidelines. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the link in the email to install Minspy on the targeted phone. Ensure that you activate stealth mode and then finish the installation process.

Step 4: For iOS, login to your account after the email and verify the iPhone’s iCloud login details. Next, select the device being used to receive the SMSs and wait for the syncing.

Step 5: After re-accessing your account, you will find the dashboard.

To spy on the messages, click on ‘Messages’ and ‘iMessages’ links to view the conversations.

Part 2: Spyier Text Messages Spying Application

The next one on the list will also spy on the text messages and deliver them remotely. It’s the Spyier solution, and it’s applicable on both Android and iOS devices. It’s simple to set up and start spying since it does not need rooting or jailbreaking.

If you want to spy on Android, Spyier needs you to install it once on the targeted phone. In iOS, it can spy and deliver using the iCloud credentials of the iPhone. When you log in to your account after the setup, you will find the texts there.

They will include all the incoming and outgoing messages and the contact details of those involved. You will also see the timestamps too. It’s okay to log in anywhere to view the updates since the control panel works with all browsers.

Part 3: Spyine Text Messages Spying Application

It’s also possible to spy on text messages with Spyine without the targeted phone. It’s never visible since it has the stealth mode for hiding purposes. For the SMSs results, you will get them in your online account after acquiring it.

To get there, you have to install it once on the Android phone in use. For iOS, the iCloud ID will supply all the messages, including the deleted ones. In both phone platforms, rooting and jailbreaking are not needed.

Once you login to your account after the setup, you will see all the texts, contact details and timestamps. If there are any attached files, you will also see them. You only need an internet connection to view the updates.

Part 4: Spy Texts Messages with Spyic

If you need an app that has been used for years in spying, then Spyic is a better deal. It will hide using stealth mode after the acquisition, and the results will appear in your online account. For the results, they will include all the texts, contact details and the timestamps.

You can get all of that from both Android and iOS targets without any rooting or jailbreaking. The former requires one-time installation on the targeted phone. The latter can be spied using the iCloud ID on Spyic’ website.

You can view the data using any device with an internet connection and a working browser.

Part 5: Spy Texts Messages with Neatspy

Neatspy monitoring application will also fetch you the text messages you need from the targeted phone. It works on both Android and iOS phones without any root or jailbreak. Once you set it up on the targeted phone, you don’t need the device anymore.

The messages and other information will be in your online account. They will also include contacts of the participants and timestamps. In Android, Neatspy needs you to install it once on the phone. Apple devices can be reached using the iCloud credentials.

Part 6: Spy Text Messages with ClickFree

Lastly, we have the ClickFree solution that is also never visible during the spying expedition. It will also show you the texts, contacts and timestamps remotely. You can use it on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later without any rooting or jailbreaking.

Setting it up requires you to install it once if you are targeting an Android phone. For iOS, you don’t need all that since ClickFree can spy on the SMSs using the iCloud credentials.

You can log in using any smartphone, tablet or computer with an updated browser and internet connection.


It’s not hard to spy on someone’s text messages if you have the right solution. After reading the top six definitive ways to spy on SMSs, it’s clear that you need to fulfil simple requirements.

Minspy, for example, gets rid of all the complication to leave you with straightforward steps. Now, it’s time for you to pick your favorite and see how it works.


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