Technological advancements have brought the entire world to our fingertips. Right from ordering food to finding a location- all can be done through apps on our phones. And let alone the more sophisticated ones. No matter where you are, what you do, there’s always an app to assist you.

best apps for study

Similarly, in the field of education, we come across certain useful applications. Whether you want to equip your knowledge with better information or need help doing your assignments there is always an app to help you out. You can simply google apps and websites by typing write my assignment and voila! A plethora of options will open up.

Students get the best results when they study smart along with studying hard. With a jam-packed curriculum and little time in hand, they could use some assistance. In this article, we are going to explore the best apps for education that can help students in various ways.


Maintaining notes can become extremely clumsy. One can store pictures and pdfs in their gallery but come on, that’s so inconvenient. You never get the right one when you need it. To solve this predicament completely, install Evernote in your tab or mobile. Notes are an essential part of revising routine.

This app keeps all your notes organized and streamlined for you to find what you need without the hassle. You can store different files such as texts, pdfs, voice recordings, charts, etc., and access them as and when you want. This can be one of your life-hacks among the many that you might have to pull as a student. Thousands of students have installed this application and also rated it a 5 star.

Dragon Anywhere

You can type using your voice with the help of Dragon Anywhere. A student knows how difficult and time-consuming it can be if one has to type every single thing. And thus this app can be a great way to record, revise and revisit your lesson.

You can also record your lectures without having to race with running notes. The file will be saved as both- a text document and an audio file. You can edit the former using several voice commands.


We don’t want to go through the trouble of taking all notes longhand anymore. And let’s not waste any more money on photocopying them either. Scanmaker lets you scan the pages you want to photocopy using your camera and convert them into digital text. Now you can save this text and visit as and when you wish.

And that’s not just it. You can manipulate the text by voice commands and make extracts or translate it into another language. Once you start exploring this app, there is no end.

Exam Countdown Lite

Whether you have a school, college, or university exam ahead, this app will help you keep on the toes. It will remind you of the schedule and upcoming exams. Although at first, it may seem like an app you can do without, it is actually one of the firsts that you must install.

It keeps you from procrastinating your studies and being more productive in the field of education.

Google Drive

This multi-functional storage and synchronization service is what you need to store all your valuables. It can be used to store as well as interact with friends and professors. It also ensures that in case your device crashes, you have a backup. So no matter what app you have installed, make sure you store all the information in your drive as well. You do not want to have a nervous breakdown the day before your exam.

Oxford Dictionary

Let us conclude our list with the most basic app- a standard dictionary. Understanding every word of your lesson is very important. And if you are a student of literature or linguistics, you cannot do without this.

Students from all fields are required to writes essays and this app can make a lot of difference in your input.

Final Word

The key to a successful career is primarily good grades along with other attributes but an outstanding result can be a deciding factor. Thus, employ the above-mentioned apps today in your endeavor of becoming an excellent student.

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