Xiaomi is a reputed and quite established company after the year of the last launch of the smartphone in the Indian mobile market. Redmi Note 3 is the successor of the Redmi Note smartphone first generation and this device has been fully revamped and that made it even better choice for users who like to have good features on their smartphones.

Redmi Note 3 will be the very first smartphone of Xiaomi that is offering metal body, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 650 and fingerprint scanner in a single device.

Along with the device, there have been releases of many amazing accessories such as Mobile Covers, Designer back cases, and flip cover etc. Advanced functions of this device allow the user to get the best smartphone using experience and additional accessories allow this device to become more useful and appealing. In fact, Redmi Note 4 cover accessories and cases are also available in the market for users to browse and purchase.

Top 5 Things About Redmi Note 3

  1. Two Versions: Redmi Note 3 will be launched in two different versions that will represent different capabilities and there will be some difference in features as well. Xiaomi claims that both versions of this device have been developed so that this device can fulfill the requirement of all kinds of users.
  2. Flash Sales: For Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi has decided that they will continue with the idea of flash sale model. The official website is making the device available for all the users so that they can directly get all the information from a trusted source and they can buy it too. Flash sale is the idea that leaves a great impact on users and that is the main reason why the company has decided to persuade it.
  3. MicroSD Slot: The capacity of storage is the primary concern of many users because they can’t store much if the MicroSD Slot is not provided. Redmi Note 3 offers 32 GB MicroSD card support. Also, it is supportive to Nano Sim Card as well as Micro Sim Card.
  4. Snapdragon 650: Being the first smartphone in India that uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 650 SoC, Redmi Note 3 offers quite impressive performance. Certainly, this device is impressive for average users and there should be no performance complaints at all in the average usage of the smartphone. Heating is also a major concern of users so you should know that this device heats up a little bit, but the heating does not leave its impact on the smartphone performance.
  5. VoLTE Support: VoLTEsupport is not very common in smartphone but this device is offering you VoLTEsupport so that you can avail the advantage of better connectivity. If you are using 4G then this will be the perfect device for you because it gives you support for all 4G Indian bands such as 3, 5, 40 and 41 etc. This device also has 3G support on both slots of Sim Card.
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