Modern vehicles are full of smart automated technologies to enhance and optimize their operating – fuel consumption, speed, navigation, etc. That implies an interactive capability among the various car systems and working assemblies. Advanced and precise on-board diagnostics (OBD2 ports) are software solutions to reveal possible issues and damages and to indicate them on display. Proceed to, to get more information about diagnostic tools.

Now, it deals with the best equipment to solve problems in time.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Scanner – Professional OBD2 Scanner

This software is able not only to read the generic trouble code memory from the engine control unit but also the ABS, SRS, and other control blocks being compatible with the most of car brands and models.

BlueDriver is an adaptor to be plugged into the OBD connector and further hooking up to the mobile device via Bluetooth. The software provides clear common OBD2 codes, live data analysis, and the opportunity to freeze frame data. It has Smoke Check to improve air quality inside the car.

OBD Auto Doctor – Clever Automotive Scanner

This virtual scanner works flawlessly both on Androids and iOS devices. Its free version is good for the majority of drivers and allows scanning diagnostic trouble codes, as well as removing the irritating check engine light on the dashboard. Besides, reading real-time engine indicators, tracking fuel economy, storing or sharing DTC data and general information, and reading the VIN/chassis number of the car.

The paid version gives access to GPS support, real-time and simultaneous recording, displaying a wide range of different features.

HobDrive – Indispensable While Traveling

The app is a software that accumulates and calculates all the information during a road trip. That makes it possible to warn about trouble engine codes right on the journey. Moreover, it monitors overheat and abnormal fuel trims increase.

HobDrive comes with either in GPS or ELM327 modes having the same set of tools that includes calculating horsepower, tracking torque, and braking distance. One can define the time for any trip, the amount of fuel required, as well as calculate the average speed.

PCMSCAN – Stable Operating, User-Friendly Interface

This scanner collects information in various formats – gauges, columns, graphs, etc. It is paired with any laptop or computer that works on Windows OS. PCMSCAN does its job well when reading error codes, tracking its operations, and turning off error lights. The displayed codes include body, networking, and chassis performance. The software finds out all the issues but has the average response (requires a minute to record a problem).

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics Software (TOAD) – Accurate Diagnostics

TOAD  is a scanner that is very easy to understand that’s why it is a real catch for beginners. It provides deep engine/transmission analysis placing various graphs with different PID’s in the precise order that allows clarifying easily the commonalities in patterns of misfires. TOAD will hint you where the breakdown is located and how to fix it. This OBD edits any cars ECU data values and regulates fuel consumption, as well as CO2 emissions.