When the world is running and achieving goals at the faster rate, it is our most prime objective modulates step by step with the world. When everyone wants to get a better paying job as compared to another, it is up to us; how we manage to. Learning foreigner language can provide many open doors; it has its many perks. You might want to learn foreigner language because either you got transferred to some country because of your job or you want to learn it as a part time hobby or you might want to impress your next door neighbour who belongs from some other exotic country

Best 5 Foreign Language Learning Apps for Android & iPhone

Nevertheless learning any new language is fascinating and to make the task even interesting and easy, there are so many enthralling apps. So here we have select the Top 5 Foreign Language Learning Apps for Android & iPhone.

Best Free Language Learning Apps


Works with: iOS, Android, Amazon.
Languages you can learn: Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish More.


It is one of the best foreigner language learning apps. The app has become a prominent example of ambulant language learning.Native speakers create many Duolingo courses. Learning any preferred language through Duolingo is not a tedious job and not expensive at all. You can go through the catalog and click on the language you want to learn. This app includes series of tests with determining the level you’d reached.

2. HelloTalk

Works with: iOS, Android.
Languages you can learn: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and 100 more.

Hello Talk

This app aimed to ease speaking practice and abolish the perspective and stress of real-time conversation. Learners can find native speakers and chat with them using a social media-like chat with voice and text communication. Users can write each other messages with an inbuilt correction tool, which corrects the text which eventually helps you in learning the language, Learning made easy combined with fun and social interactions The app has many more additional features such as word suggestion to avoid those moments where you actually wants to communicate something but couldn’t find the word to say that, you can save your favorite conversation and messages and more.

3. Mindsnacks

Works with: iOS
Languages you can learn: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian.


Mindsnacks takes gamification to a whole new level, gamer’s paradise mixed with foreigner language learning benefits. Every language they teach has some little games involved to make your learning experience fun rather than monotonous.  Mindsnacks monitors your progress so you can clearly see how much more learning you needs to and of course your achievements. It’s a fun app, though.

4. Busuu

Works With: iOS, Android
Languages You Can Learn: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese


Busuu offers full courses in 12 languages. The app is free to download but to unlock its features you have to pay $17 a month. The app is designed for beginners, so from simple interaction questions to word to word translation and sentences, the app have it all. This app lets you hear the audio question to work out the accent and pronunciation problems we have. The individual trait of Busuu is that you can talk with the native speakers to improve your communication skills and you may ask your queries through the chat system.

It is one of the Best apps to learn the Spanish language at home. The desktop version even allows you to talk with native speakers in real time.Busuu credits you with “berries” for learning and for teaching others if you’re a native talker, these are the points use for ranking users based on their activity.

5. Memrise

Works With: iOS, Android, Amazon
Languages you can learn: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Kanji, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Finnish, Icelandic, Esperanto, and over 150 others More


I am personally using this app for learning German. This app offers numerous test series to improve your learning skills at a faster and more efficient way. Graphically pleasing, the app has categorized system and levels to advance the language building. The app teaches you, some foundation words step by step then offers you some tests to unlock other levels. The test series aren’t dreary as the MCQ, and the game like test session will keep you entertain.

Tuition fees are ever growing and now reaching sky high rates. Why not just use these learning apps rather than spending your hard earned money on tuitions and courses offered by institutes. You can learn any foreign language at any time in the comfort of your house and convenience. Will you use one of these apps? Or do you think we didn’t include your favorite ? Leave your valuable feedbacks in the comments below”.

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