There is no doubt that every aspect of human life has entered the digital space. You can do pretty much whatever you want with your phone and Internet access. Thus, the process of searching for a job is not an exception. While the vast majority of the urban population has a smart-phone, it is unsurprising that headhunters utilize mobile apps for recruiting and hiring. On the other hand, there are dozens of options that let you find the latest and most appealing job openings in seconds. All you need to do is to upload your CV, or link your LinkedIn profile. And that’s it.

Moreover, some solutions can even convert your resume into a couple of good bios that you can send to potential employers. What a time-saver, isn’t it? We’ve reviewed several good job apps to help you find a job you’ve been longing for.

1# JobAware

The app offers sufficient tool set for a person to get employed by a company they’d love to work for. The extensive database of various opportunities will make you surprised, and all you need to have to access it is your Android or iOS device. To start using the app, upload your CV and add your LinkedIn account. The search results are offered by, but there are plenty of other ads from LinkedIn. As such, you can find more openings from a specific company and share the information on your social media accounts. It also makes it easier to track your desired place of work.

2# LinkUp

Are you bored by misleading and old listings? Stay informed with real-time ads on LinkUp. It provides with the latest openings only. It allows you to use various filters like company names and locations to look for various work opportunities. You can save and preview your searches on any mobile Operating System including Android and iOS. Just go to and download it from there.

3# LinkedIn Job Search

One of the great ways to find occupation for LinkedIn users is LinkedIn Job Search. The application sends you the most relevant offers in the accord with your personal profile. Of course, you can use this social network manually, but through the app, it only takes seconds to find a perfect match for your qualifications and preferences. It also offers an option of sending alerts to head-hunters letting them know if their openings appeal to you. However, should you want to use the full functionality of this application, you will have to refresh your subscription every month.

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4# Snagajob

As the name suggests, this app allows you to immediately grab a new job from a database of listings. It even matches your searches with opportunities that best suit your qualifications. Apart from the one-click feature for applications, you can showcase your personality on Snagajob by adding a quiz or video to your profile. This way you will definitely stand out from the rest of applicants.

5# Monster by JobR

The most striking feature of the Monster job search app is a Tinder-style swiping that allows you to apply for positions through inbuilt messaging. You will be getting nearby working opportunities that coincide with your credentials. After uploading your CV, you may look through various openings and swipe right to apply instantly. The app gives you an option to filter available offers by location and guarantees interviews quicker than any other work hunting app. Instead of using email for correspondence, just utilize this application to contact the employer directly. Note that all conversations are archived.

When was the last time you applied for a position? The process of recruiting is changing dramatically all the time. If you have troubles with composing a worthy CV, it only takes a click of a button to get the best resume template provided by a top resume writer. As you’ve read above, there are many job search apps you can use on your Android or iOS device. Moreover, you can get notifications about new openings directly to your smartwatch for Android or a similar gadget. From today henceforth, do not miss an alert when a potential match has been posted. The above smart apps will boost your chances of getting hired since you’ll be applying for positions faster.

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