In the modern world, online gaming is expanding at a rapid pace. Age is no longer a restriction when it comes to the pursuit of entertainment with regards to gaming and we see people from every age group enjoying games they love the most. Youngsters are competing in a rapidly expanding number of tournaments across the world, which offer handsome prize pools to the victors. What needs to be understood is that to compete competitively, you need an internet connection that supports your cause.

In this article, we will discuss the best internet options available for gaming purposes in the market right now. before proceeding, let us familiarize our audiences with some basic connectivity related terms used in gaming lingo.

What is Ping?

The ping/latency refers to the time it takes for a signal sent over a network to travel from the host machine to a targeted server and then back to the host machine. Naturally, the lower the ping is, the best will be your gaming experience. Good providers have low latency to ensure a timely response.

What is Lag?

Lag/jitter is the delay between the latency of the host machine and the targeted server. So if there is a high ping, a player will suffer lag and the responses they make on their device in a game for instance will be delayed when translated into the online world.

Now that we know these let us proceed with our list of the best internet options available.

  1. Spectrum

Spectrum is among our top picks when in terms of internet gaming. The company under Charter Communications offers three plans with a median latency of around 25 ms which is significantly low and therefore quite good. Their standard plan starts at 49.99$/month and offers you unlimited downloads and speeds up to 100 Mbps which is more than enough in you aren’t on an overly shared connection. The best thing with spectrum is that they offer services in 42 states to there is a high chance that they will be operating in your area. Gamers all across the US are quite satisfied with Spectrum Internet for gaming purposes and unlike other providers, the services do not vary considerably, which is a plus since every user is ensured a stable experience. Also, their packages offered to help you bundle up your services for some incredible prices. You can check more of their packages here

  1. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios also stands above the crowd as one of the best internet providers in the market right now. Verizon Fios can offer you ping of as low as 12 ms which is indeed amazing but their services are subject to availability which is bound to the Northeast region. The company offers three packages under the Fios name with speeds ranging from a basic 100 Mbps to a blazing fast 940 Mbps. The choice would depend on your internet requirement as well as that of your household. If you are lucky to be in their serviceability region, this would be a safe bet. Their package prices start at 39.99$ but make sure to look them up for your region.

  1. Frontier

The best thing about Frontier’s internet hands down is the low-cost factor. In a competitive market, the company offers the most handsome prices to its packages and gamers are thankful for it. Their FiOS optic fiber offers latency as low as 20 ms which is something to boast about. All their plans have unlimited data caps and the basic one starts at 20$. The download speeds offered by the company range from a basic 5 Mbps to a whopping 940 Mbps. You might need to confirm serviceability in your region though to avail of their services.

  1. Xfinity

Xfinity is a brand owned by Comcast (yes you might’ve read that name about Universal Studios). Xfinity offers cable and fiber internet options and is considered among the most premium ISP in the States. The median latency for their plans lies between 20-25 ms which is optimal. Their array of cable and fiber plans can easily meet and satisfy any gamer’s demands with ease. What’s more, is that you can choose a fiber plan up to 2 Gigs which is quite fascinating but it does come with a premium price tag to it. The basic cable plans start at 30$ while the fiber plans start at 70$ onwards. Their plans are generally capped at 1TB which we think is more than enough for a gamer’s needs. But then again, it is not unlimited.

  1. AT&T

If you go with AT&T for your gaming needs, we would highly suggest that you stick to their fiber plans since they are seriously amazing. The three plans offered range between 50$-70$ and are definitely worth the price tag since they are dependable. To go for uncapped data usage, you will have to choose the Internet 1000 plan which is the fastest one because all the other plans are capped at 1TB download limit. Another aspect to consider here is that the company will generally bind you under a contract so if you move around a lot or are planning to move to a different place, we will not recommend this option.

These are among the best internet providers for gaming purposes available right now. Remember that the services and prices might differ from area to area and more urbanized states are likely to get better speeds and prices in comparison. Feel free to choose from the options listed above keeping your location into consideration and surely you will not be disappointed.