It seems like almost every grandmother keeps a box with priceless black and white photos and letters their friends and loved ones sent when they were young and joyful. However, with the development of technology, we have moved away from tangible souvenirs. Who knows, maybe when we reach the elderly age, we will only have to enter cloud storage on our computers to show our children and grandchildren the happy times of our youth?

Cloud Services in 2020

Indeed, nowadays, we keep most of the traces of our lives, such as photos, documents, or private letters, in the clouds. It is useful to individual users, but it is even more beneficial to businesses. Cloud services let employees access all the data from any device and any part of the globe, which is an excellent solution for big companies. There are many companies which are offering new portable servers to their clinets.

Finding the best cloud services for your business might be difficult. The variety of different providers may sometimes feel overwhelming.

To help you make the right decision, our experts spent quite a bit of time researching different providers and comparing various offers. The result of their work is this list of the best cloud services for 2020.


Communication is vital in every successful business. Indeed, many jobs require constant contact between co-workers, employees and managers, or employees and clients. Installing the Cloud PBX system will make communication in your company easier and smoother.

One of the most popular Cloud PBX systems today is Yeastar, an IP-based solution accessed via the Internet. It enables fast, reliable, and safe communication both within or outside of a company.

On-premise systems are usually very pricey due to the required manual operations, their size, and the need for storage space. Therefore, this solution will save every company a lot of money while also improving communication within it.


This list wouldn’t be complete without IDrive. What drives its popularity is the safety of this service, and it’s hard to wonder why – most of us would prefer to have a safe backup of our files with no risk of data failure.

What many users love about IDrive is the fact that it holds all the deleted files for 30 days after you decide to get rid of them. Therefore, there’s no risk that someone will delete something by accident. This is the perfect way for every company to keep their data safe, especially if they have multiple employees working with the files daily.

IDrive also provides AES encryption for your files, so there’s no need to worry about your online safety and potential leaks of valuable information. Your documents will be stored safely in this cloud.


One of the biggest advantages of this cloud service is that it provides a lifetime subscription for one payment. Therefore, you will not have to renew your subscription every on a regular basis, which will be one thing off of your mind.

PCloud services will also grant you peace of mind because your data will always be stored in five different copies across independent servers. Additionally, there’s a possibility to add a pCloud Crypto service and password-protect your files.

Google Drive

If you are an Android or Chromebook user, good old Google Drive is a decent option for you and your company. With 15GB – 30TB of storage space for a low price, it ensures your data’s complete safety. An unlimited business Google Drive account costs $12, which is very little when it comes to protecting your valuable documents.

Google Drive offers a mobile application, too, so your employees can access files from anywhere in the world, which is very comfortable and useful for companies offering flexible hours or remote work to their employees.

The optical character recognition feature helps you find every needed document within seconds, which will save you some of your valuable time. You can scan through files saved by all users to find specific phrases, keywords, names, or numbers.


This is a very affordable storage solution. The reason why so many entrepreneurs like it is the fact that you can choose a ‘cold storage’ offer, which is a cheaper option for storing files that you don’t need to use very often. It’s useful, as it’s not uncommon to overpay for the storage of the documents that we almost don’t use, but they cannot be deleted.

Zoolz also offers hybrid backup storage, allowing users to transfer their data to the cloud and a physical storage device simultaneously. It provides additional safety to the data.

The Bottom Line

Cloud services make the life of both simple users and big corporations much easier. They provide safety to very often priceless files essential to the success of a business. Hopefully, this list is helpful enough to all those looking for the best cloud services for 2020.

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