Once a moment is gone It’s gone forever. But looking back at photographs you took with your camera brings those happy and sad memories back to you! The quality of your camera may not matter but the qualities of your memories do. Keep your love, adventures and your experiences saved in photographs with the help of these camera apps.

With these Top 5 Best Camera apps for iPhone and Android Phones you will be able to capture every fleeting moment of happiness with your loved ones in a photograph that’s so good it comes alive and you can cherish it for a very long time.

1. B612 App

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B612 APP

First one is a highly popular camera app. B612 was specifically designed just for you to take that perfect selfie you can show off to your friends. It has all the amazing features you could have asked for. There are so many beautiful filters that you are just bound to fall in love with one. This app allows you to shoot short length videos with audio, you can edit your photographs, make collages, vignette the borders to make your selfie have that classy look .You might think it is complicated to use but it is super easy. With all the rich features B612 is the best selfie camera app for the selfie obsessed generation.

2. Candy Camera

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Ever felt like a selfie is just too simple and boring? Want to spark le some fun into your pictures with your best bid does? Add glitz and glammer into your photo by using endless stickers on this amazing app. Loaded with creative filters this app makes you look hard to resist. Turn yourself into a cute kitty or add a bit of blush and eyeliner or how about some flowers? Creative borders and frames, skin smoothening and light effects, this app has got it all. Once you get your hands on this fun and quirky app you will never be able to put it down.

3. Beauty Plus App

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This app will be like your best friend every day and any time you want to click a good looking picture. You don’t need a special occasion to look good after all. Every moment is just as valuable. Beautify your casual every day images without making it look like that you put in too much effort. Make your natural beauty and surroundings perfect and ready to be shared. This is close to professional photo editing as developers worked with well known make up artists and photographers to develop this app. Use this for results that are so sublte and natural that no one will ever believe you used a beautifying app for your pictures.

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4. Youcam Makeup App

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Do you have one of those days when you have that annoying pimple that just won’t go away, rough hair and gigantic dark circles under your eyes but you just feel too tired and lazy to cover it with make up? Don’t let it stop you from looking gorgeous every day. Discover what looks good on you with this virtual make up camera app. You also get to watch live stream makeup tuitorials and you can learn all the tricks and trends of the art that is called make up from professionals.

5. Retrica App

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Rapidly growing popular amongst the youth, this app lets you store the picture to your camera roll or to the app’s own storage. It develops high quality fine looking pictures. It gives  that extra touch to your photographs that makes them look elegant and edgy. But the only downside here is that it doesn’t support front flash. Going to the mall with your best friends, out with family for dinner or taking your loved one out for a date, let this app capture

“Memories are just too precious to lose. Some day you might look back at one of your photographs and smile knowing that you experienced such lovely moments. To make those joyous moments more special and beautiful, these top 5 camera apps will come in quite handy. Do you think we forgot your favorite camera app? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments”.