When it comes to visiting hippie beaches, some people may think that they have disappeared from the face of the Earth, but it is not so. The fact is that hippies do live among us, but they are busy with making love with each other and have no time for wars or restlessness. All over the world, their communities and groups exist and enjoy in one form or the other. They can be seen buying grocery from stores and have become counter-culture icons with time. Many people are fond of hippie festivals and hippie vacations, so if you are ready for this type of excitement, then the following places compiled by team at Best Pot are best for you.

  1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the oldest places in Spain, dating back to the 1960s. At that time, artists, designers, creative-minded people, painters, and hippies used to exist in Spain in a large number. This place is still famous for its wide number of hippies; in fact, you can see many of them wandering here and there and enjoying time together in Ibiza. It is famous the world over for its luxury lifestyle, and from the culture to the traditional values, everything in Ibiza reminds us of hippies.

  1. Goa, India

Goa is one of the best hippie places to visit in India. You may be familiar with its name already since Goa is one of those only tourist destinations where every young couple wants to have their honeymoon. Most often, people arrange their weddings in Goa in Christian and traditional Indian styles. As an antique place, Goa holds the Portuguese and Indian cultures even when the country got independence years ago. A large number of beaches and cathedrals will surely remind you of hippies, and the place is a perfect blend of local and international traditions.

  1. Christiania, Denmark

Denmark is a famous country hippie where Christiania is an amazing tourist spot. This glamorous city dates back to the 1980s, has gritty and graffiti edges, and is known for its cool and relaxing atmosphere. In simple words, we can say that it is a fun-filled place, and is one of those Danish cities where hippies once existed and spent their lives with their families and friends in the form of colonies and groups.

  1. Nimbin, Australia

Australia has no short of sites where hippies love to go and spend quality time together. It is famous as the queen of islands and is a pleasant and amazing place to live in and to spend holidays. Among all of the Australian cities, Nimbin is said to be the destination of hippies. It attracts hundreds to thousands of tourists every year, from all parts of the world. It is widely believed that hippies have always been in search of love, positive energy, harmony, cannabis and peace in this part of the world.  A lot of celebrities who both like to smoke the weed and like travelling and some of them visit this city as it is charming for them.

  1. Arembepe, Brazil

Where do hippies live? If you are looking for them and want to know a little about them, then visiting Brazil will be the best option for you. Arembepe is famous for its crystal clear beaches, sand dunes, and has a peaceful environment. Hippies are said to be present here in a large number, and you can take a glimpse of them if you book a flight, get the visa, and travel to Arembepe as soon as possible.

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Have you ever visited Kathmandu, Nepal? If not, then you should as it is one of those few places where hippies love to go and enjoy their time. You can take a close at the hippy customs during your stay here. With its beautiful gateway to the Himalayas, it is an incredible city in Nepal you must visit with your family and friends. The Buddhist culture can also be explored here, and hippies love buying marijuana from this small town.

  1. El Bolson, Argentina

El Bolson is one of the best cities of Argentina. It is believed that the hippies began their voyage from this land in the 1970s, and during your stay there, you can explore some of the best bohemian towns without any need to go there. A range of mountains is present in El Bolson, along with the lush green parks and gardens, to make you feel happy and excited.

  1. Panajachel, Guatemala

It is said that in the 1960s, the hippies existed in Panajachel, a small town in Guatemala. It is considered the hub for hippie lovers and travelers, so you can go there to explore their lifestyle closely. Beaches, seawater, peaceful environment, and museums will surely keep you busy during your stay here. It is true that the Civil War affected this city to an extent, but the hippies still love going there, and it is considered their hub.

  1. Nelson, Canada

Though there are various Canadian cities and hippie towns where hippies want to spend time together, Nelson is matchless in terms of its beauty and overall environment. It is considered a paradise for the hippies and is a place where you can observe the bohemian culture and traditions closely to learn a lot of things from. The hippies visiting this place are said to be free souls, full of energy and positivity. So, it can be your chance to sit with them and enjoy learning new things about their culture, traditions, and values.

  1. Tulum, Mexico

Last but not the least, Tulum is a Mexican city where the hippies can be found in a large number. It is famous for its traditional cuisines and seashores. Tulum is widely considered the hub of hippies, thanks to its charismatic beauty, lush green beaches, crystal clear water, and other natural things to make it look like a paradise.

Even since the birth and origin of hippies, people have been excited to know how do they live and what types of things they do on a daily basis. All the cities we have described here are best to know everything about the hippies. Plan a trip with your family and friends and enjoy the life!

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