In the current market scenario predicting the kind of package, an upcoming smartphone will offer is very difficult even for top notch Tech Gurus. Sometimes the most awaited smartphone fails dreadfully say for example the Note 7 which was the biggest disappointment for Samsung but at the same time, some mediocre level smartphone climbs to become one of the most outstanding and innovative devices.


As we are already in the 3rd sector of 2017the MWC is just a few pages away from where the biggest of the biggest tech giants are going to launch some phenomenal smartphones of this year. In this article, we will be covering ‘The Top 10 Most Awaited Smartphones’ currently where many of these are confirmed but some are information gained from trustable sources. So, let’s get started

  • Apple iPhone 8

    Apple iPhone 8 Rumor

As we all know Apple is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers and holds a very big amount of customers around the Globe. They recently launched the iPhone 7 and 7 plus which was a huge hit and Apple is all set to throw another ace but now with a completely different style.

There are rumors that the iPhone on the occasion of their 10th anniversary, is all set to give its next line up a completely different design, UI which is highly anticipated by iPhone lovers. It is said to sport a 5.8”inch AMOLED curved edge screen with a bezel-less finish.

It will be coming with IOS 11 powered by Apple’s A10 or A11 chipset along with 4gigs of RAM and Dual rear camera 16MP + 12 MP and 8 MP front camera along with 300mAh battery.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung is another Tech giant listed on the top most smartphone sellers of all time, their previous S7 and S7 edge where considered to be the best android smartphones of 2016 and Samsung is looking forward to continuing that legacy with its Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung will be launching its revolutionary smartphone S8 & S8+ which are rumored to sport bezel-less displays with curved edges it will come with QHD 5.5inch 2K screen with Snapdragon 835 along with Exynos 8895 chipset and 6 gigs of RAM. It will have 64/128 GB of internal storage along with 12 MP rear and 8MP front camera. It will be powered by a 3450mAh battery.

  • One Plus 4

    One Plus 4 Smartphone

One Plus has eventually become another major marketer of this sector by making high-quality devices which even overpower the flagships with its most recent One plus 3 and 3T, one plus has proved itself to be an extraordinary smartphone and is still one of the leading smartphones in the market.

One plus is all set to launch the next line up of its series i.e.  One Plus 4, confirm news is yet to be found but rumors are that One Plus 4 will be better than its predecessor in every expects it will have a 21MP rear shooter and is said to be coming with 8GB RAM. It will boost the Snapdragon 830 chipset and is said to have android 7.0 Nougat.

  • Microsoft Surface Smartphone

    Microsoft Surface Smartphone

After the success of its Lumia series Microsoft has been looking to crack this market with a game-changing smartphone and with Microsoft Surface, we think that they can actually achieve this dream. As it will be coming with some of the most mind-blowing specs and design.

The Surface Phone will be coming with a 5.5”inchQHD screen it will have the best in range camera with 21MP pure view Zeiss 6-lens and 8 MP front shooter it will also come with USB Type-C and wireless charging.

  • Xiaomi Mi 6

    Xiaomi Mi 6

Talking about the best upcoming smartphones Mi 6 is definitely getting a place there due to its outraging specifications and features. It will be coming with a QHD Super AMOLED 2K display and it is confirmed that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Deca-Core processor with 6/8GB RAM

It will be powered by a 5000mAh battery. The MI-6 will be coming with 16 MP & 12 MP Dual rear camera and a 13MP front shooter. It is also said that the MI 6 will be coming with Health-related sensors.

  • HTC 11


HTC has lost its name in the past few years but with HTC 11’s launch, HTC is all set to establish what it once had, in looks HTC 11 is said to be like MI Mix with the bezel-less design. It will have a 5.5’in 2K display.

Sources say that this model will be powering an Octa-core Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4/6 GB RAM. It has a 12MP rear shooter and an 8MP front Shooter. It will come with features like Water resistance, Fingerprint sensor and BoomSound stereo speakers.

  • Samsung Galaxy X

    Samsung Galaxy X Leak

Samsung has been working on making a new smartphone that would actually fold itself through its foldable technology. It will sport a 4K display with Super AMOLED technology it will also be coming with a dual lens rear camera.

Rumors are that the GalaxyX will be powered by 6 GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset. There is no confirm news about this device but it is definitely one of the most awaited smartphones of 2017

  • Google Pixel 2 & 2B

    Google Pixel 2 & 2B

Google’s next launch will be its better version of 2016’s most awaited smartphone, Google is all set to continue its Pixel series with 2 new flagships named as Google Pixel 2 and 2B.There are many rumors regarding this smartphone like it will be coming with the latest Snapdragon 83X chipset and Google is also examining a new Intel chip with this device

Although, tech experts say that the new generation Pixel will be coming with Google’s self-developed processor. It is said to have 4 GB RAM and 20 MP rear facing camera and 16 MP front facing camera

  • LG G7

    LG g7

After LG announced its latest LG G6 in the MWC this year, it is working on the next model of this series with some innovative additional features. There are many rumors regarding G7 and most of them might be true like it will be sporting a Corning edge display like Samsung’s S7 edge.

It is said that LG will be launching this smartphone in MWC 2018. It will be equipped with many outstanding features. The G7 will have a 5.5’in 4K display. It will be powered by Snapdragon 840 chipset with 8 GB RAM it will be fuelled by a massive 3600mAh battery. It will also have a dual rear camera with 21 MP + 12MP resolutions.

  • Samsung Note 8

    Samsung Note 8 Smartphone

Samsung was star-struck when they got the report of Note 7 blasting in pockets and unfortunately had to pull them back but with Note 8 Samsung is looking to overcome all its mistakes by taking extra measures so that such a case do not happen again.

It is expected to have a 5.7”inch QHD Super AMOLED dual edged display with 64-bit Octa-Core Exynos 8890 processor or a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM. It will come with a 12MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. It will also have an IP68 rated water resistance. The Note 8 will be fueled by a 4000 mAh battery.

The above mention smartphone is the most awaited upcoming smartphones of 2017. So, Let us know what smartphone is the best for you the below comment section.