The web browser is the most used Application used by us on our PC or laptop. To make it more productive, we used a lot of Add-ons or extension. There is no doubt that extension makes the browser more productive and efficient. In the case of Safari which is the default web browser of the Apple Products also has a lot of extensions. Out there are many Extension which makes you browser more productive, but we listed the Best Safari Extension.

These extensions increase your productivity and save your laptop battery also. So, you can do more work on the same time. If you are looking a for the Safari extensions, then you are at the right place.

Best safari extensions


Adblock is the one of the most popular safari extension used today. There are many sites you visit in a day, and there are so many ads which create troubles for us. In that case, Adblocker will block all kinds of the ads from any website. You can only see the information you want. It takes a few seconds to install the Adblock into Safari browser, and after that, all the ads will be removed from the sites.


Adblocker is also available for Chrome as well Mozilla; it worked same for them also. You can also customize the adblocker for some websites to block the ads. To do so, you just add the sites into Whitelist and then adblocker will not block ads on these locations.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot safari

Awesome Screenshot is another favorite app for increasing your productivity. There are many sited where you can not copy any image in that case this extension will help you to capture the awesome screenshot. You just select the area you want to capture, and it will save on your desktop. You can also edit that image if you want but only the basic.


How often this happens with us, wanted to read news, article, and News but on that time you don’t have the internet, but now you have the pocket. This extension saves all the news, articles or anything you want to read without the internet.  What else you need to love Pocket by using this simple button, you’ll be able to save items into your pocket account and read them without the internet.


You can also read them on your smartphone just open your Pocket account, and you are ready to go. Not only the ability to save articles, but it also offers a far better reading experience, with its eye-friendly designs and layout.



ClickToFlash is also another interesting extension you should get. Have you ever notice on some website, when you visit them an electronic sound or video will play. That is flash and to block them you should try this extension. This extension automatically blocks them, so the website will load fast and save your time and data both. It also comes with features such as advanced white-listing — for instance, it won’t block content from that site.

Pin It Button


Pin it Button is a bookmarking tool for Safari browser. If you use Pinterest a lot, then you should have this extension. With the help of this extension, you can share your photos on Pinterest in one click. Using this extension, you can make your Pinterest library rich in a few clicks. This extension makes the sharing a far easy job, you don’t have to log in to your account and then share all just one click and it is done — don’t you think it is easy enough? Try it.

Turn Off the Lights

Just as Adblock, pocket, and ClickToFlash, Turn Off the Lights is a really productive Safari extension you can get! The extension proposed is to give you a better video viewing experience on the web. It is a very easy extension to use, once installed; there will be a button in the toolbar that you have to press. It will only focus on the video section of the screen, dimmed the rest of the part except the video.


In short, it will make your concentration on the video and increase your productivity. This extension works not only on Youtube other Video buffering Sites also. It’s an open source project, completely free and quite easy to use.


LastPass safari extension

If yo have a lot of accounts on different websites, then this extension is the must for you. Its very hard to remember the all the password and to manage that you should try this LastPass Safari extension. LastPass is an Internet-powered service which manages not only your password but also form-filling data in a way that is accessible during Safari browser sessions. You don’t have to worry about the privacy these data are saved with a high level of encryption. So, nothing gets into wrong hands.

Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom safari extension

Sometimes photo on the Facebook is so small to open. If you want to Zoom it, you can’t, so in that case you should try Facebook Photo Zoom. Due to this extension, you be able to zoom into the smaller size photos without losing the quality. To use this extension you just have to hover the mouse on the picture and it will take a second to zoom it.

WOT- Web Of Trust

WOT- Web Of Trust

WOT is Web of Trust as per the name this extension check the site of all over the internet and let you know what’s right for you. Every time you search something into Google WOT analyze the all search result and rank them so, you will know which is the best site for you. WOT have a great algorithm to analyze the website. So, you must have tried this extension. It will be a great source to know about the reputation of a particular site.

Facebook Cleaner

Facebook Cleaner safari extension

Facebook Cleaner is the Ad-blocker for the Facebook. Despite facebook is the Popular Social network but still there are some things you don’t like. Sponsored ads and videos, to get rid of them Facebook Cleaner is the best extension for you. You just install the extension, and it will work by own.


So, what you think about these safari extensions. We hope these all Safari extension will increase your productivity. If you have any other extension which has to listed in this list as per you, then feel free to share with us through the comment section. Stay tuned with us there is a lot more cool articles on the way.

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