Nowadays video editing is becoming more and more popular due to the popularity of video sharing. For saving the money, you can use video editing tools which are free of charge to edit videos. But it ‘s hard to find the best program for Windows because now too many free video editing programs are available in the market.


In this post, we are going to talk about some video editing software for the Windows. So here is the list of best video editing software:

1. Windows Movie Maker

window movie maker

Windows movie maker is the free video editing tool for the Windows and users can make home movies by just drag and drop. It contains the features are like video effect, adding credits, audio track, video transitions, timeline narration and Auto movie. As for the windows 7, the windows movie maker was no longer found in the operating system. Instead of windows movie maker, it was renamed Windows live movie maker, and it is obtainable as the part of the windows live essential package for the free internet.

Features of windows movie maker are:

  • Windows movie maker is the free video editing tool which is created by Microsoft. This is the most favorite video editing tool, just like any other tool and it is easy to use.
  • Windows movie maker is free for the Microsoft Windows user. It is designed for those people who have no experience in the video editing. It contains the several special effects of using for making the videos.
  • Windows movie maker is very easy to learn.
  • Windows movie maker is the great software for the beginners.
  • Windows movie maker is the perfect tool for the slideshows off photo.

2. VirtualDub

virtual dub video editor

VirtualDub is one of the powerful video editing software for the Windows with many amazing features is like video splitting, compression, and addition of audio tracks. As the free movie editing software, it has the batch processing capabilities for the dealing with a large number of files, and it also extended with third-party video filters. It has the AVI container format to store the captured videos. The performance of the PC or Laptop is also very important while doing such editing. Brands like Aser, Lenovo & HP are providing the best laptop for video editing.

Features of VirtualDub are:

  • It is splitting, extracting and joining the AVI files without Re-encoding.
  • VirtualDub is helping to crop the videos.
  • It saves the AVI as Animated GIF
  • It was saving the PNG/BMP/JPEG snapshot from a video in the video.
  • It helps to achieve the zooming effect.
  • Adding the transparent image or logo
  • Embedding the subtitles permanently

3. Wax


Wax is the high performance and flexible video editing program which is best for both the professionals and home users. It is used as a stand-alone application or as the plug into other video editors. The Wax video editing function is quite limited.

Features of wax are:

  • It uses the graphics acceleration.
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks with the top-down compositing and many other compositing modes.
  • It creates the explosive effects.
  • It generates the various natural particle effects like smoke, rain, smoke, etc. 

4. Avidemux

avidemux FREE Video editing software

Avidemux is the free video editor which is designed for simple cutting, filtering, and the encoding tasks. It supports the many file types which are included AVI, MP4, and ASF, MPEG files by using the variety of codecs. Avidemux is available for the Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft GNU GPL license.

Features of Avidemux are:

  • Avidemux is capable for the non-linear video editor.
  • It applies the visual effects to the video.
  • Avidemux has also inserted the audio streams into the video files.
  • It also transcodes the video into various formats.

5. FFMpeg

ffmpeg free video editior

FFMpeg is the paid video editing tool for the windows, but the collection of free software that record to convert and stream digital audio and video. FFMpeg is the software that produces programs for handling the multimedia data.

Features of FFMpeg are:

  • It has a lot of storage space for the Audio and Video files.
  • The algorithm is used for encoding the data to transport.
  • FFmpeg is utilized for the core manipulation of audio and video data.
  • It also allows changing the frame rate of the video, resizing or cropping the video.

6. Blender

Blender Video editor

Blender is the free open source for the 3D content creation which supports all the great operating system under the General Public License. Blender is the well suited for the individuals and small studios who benefit the unified pipeline and active development process.

Features of Blender are:

  • It has a powerful unbiased rendering engine which called cycles which offer beautiful ultra-realistic rendering.
  • Blender has a realistic material.
  • It has an Animation toolset.
  • Blender comes with the fully fledged compositor.

7. ZS4 Video Editor

zs4 Free video editor

ZS4 is the great free video editing software which provides the media expert with the facility for combining the photos, audio and video files into the one or more output files. ZS4 is used to like an object oriented photo-manipulation program.

Features ZS4 video editor are:

  • An unlimited number of video and audio.
  • It manipulates the flow of time, backward, forward and speeds up.
  • Full control of all the tracks and the effect variable.
  • Full integration of the audio and video.

8. Cinefx Jahshaka

jahakasa video editor

Jahshaka is first open source realtime Editing and the effect system in the world. With the power of OpenGL and OpenML, it gives a user at an exceptional level in the performance. Jahshaka is bringing the future of immersive digital content creation. It delivers the media management and playback platform for the compositing, editing and effect modules.

Features of Cinefx jahshaka are:

  • 2D and 3D animation and compositing
  • Color correction
  • Editing and effects
  • Media and asset management

9. Lightworks

lightwork video editor

Lightworks is the great video editor which is featured with many video effects. It can edit the video, audio and image clips. The user interface is very technical and many people are very hard to use. Lightworks is the professional non-linear editing system for editing the digital video in the various formats including the 2K and 4K.

Features of Lightworks are:

  • It supports all major operating systems
  • Optimized for speed
  • It is powerful, realtime effects with inbuilt presets.
  • It has a Multicam editing

10. Movica

movica free video editor

Movica has used some fine program to edit the movies. Movie has received the good reputation. The keyboard software makes video editing easier than ever. It is one of the best video editors for the windows and fully support MPG, FLV, and WMV files.

Features of Movie are:

  • It is fine software to edit the movies and videos.
  • This software makes video editing easier.
  • It supports MPG, WMV, and FLV
  • The best video editor for the Windows.


This article is about the best video editing software for the Windows. In this post, we provide you the Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows. This software are best, and they have different functions for the editing of videos.

I hope this information is relevant to you for understanding these video editor software. If you want to know more about