When you buy an iPhone you always have thought of its brand its elegant look and trustworthy support behind this brand. But one more thing makes this phone special is its unique Operating system ios and the apps associated with this. There are millions of apps there in its app store, and the user always found himself confused when choosing to download them. But I told you with confidence that many of them are very fascinating. We have done research on many apps and try to figure out top 10 best free Apps for iPhone -2016.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Storage space is always a problem when it comes to store HD video and high-resolution photos on iPhone. Although Apple’s have built-in iCloud Photo Library with limited 5 GB Free storage. An alternative to this is Google photos with unlimited storage with optional paid plans for storing ultra hi-resolution images. Here a user can share albums with others and create fun GIFs too. Google Photos is an overall better solution for backing up and managing your iPhone’s photo collection.

 After installing the app just select the photos you want to back up from your Google Photos App and yes you are done!

Download Google Photos iOS App

2. Foursquare 


New to the city or new to the restaurant, Then Foursquare is your best companion. By using this app user can discover the best places to eat, drink & Visit. This app is all about the review on location based. Whether it is food, coffee or night life it has no of review in all theses fields. Thanks to its 50 Million users which make this platform a very helpful. So next time you are in some new place you don’t need to call your friend and take its opinion.

Just download the app and read the review, rating and decide yourselves.

Download Foursquare Photos iOS App

3. Periscope 

“Explore the world in Real-time”


I hope you already using it because with more than 10 million users it is growing day by day. If you still didn’t give this a try, you might loose too much fun out there.

It is colourful full as its name suggest. If you want to interact with the world in real time with video and want to share your talent, interest or anything else then this app is for you. It has Live Video Streaming network around the World. We can make our video with one tap and share it with the whole world. Got viewers, hearts (likes) and followers. The best part of this app is after broadcasting live, it will automatically upload your video so that more people can have fun and view your video later.  One more thing that makes this app different from other is we can also Broadcast privately to specific followers or friends.

Download Periscope iOS App

4. WAZE 


Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. When we open this app we automatically join drivers in our area who share real-time traffic & road info to save time, gas &money. Just by driving with Waze open, we automatically contributing tons of real-time traffic information to our local community. We can share traffic jam information to our friends. We can also report accidents, police traps and other hazards we see on the road. Get road alerts along your route and find the cheapest gas prices around you shared by the community. One more thing is there that makes this app unique are we can also add friends, send our current location to them. Isn’t it great?

Download WAZE iOS App

5. 1Password

1 Password App

There was a time when we just have to create a password for one or two sites and we found no difficulty in remembering them but with today’s time with tonnes of sites and apps remembering all the password is a tough. Not only remember at a time to time we have to change all this unique and complex passwords.  1Password app has a solution for this.It works like your personal password manager.In this app, we just have to remember one master password or we can also use our fingerprint and this app keeps our other passwords in order, storing them in an encrypted password vault file.

Download 1Password iOS App

6. Spender

SpenderManage your expanses in a very sophisticated manner. Spender works like your personal finance manager.  The best thing about this app is that it is very easy to use. Within a second after putting our data we can have all our income & expense stats. We can also set our budget and limit for each category. We can also set any world currency. As the officials of spender say“Spender is made to manage your finances easily and conveniently”.

Download Spender iOS App

7. Audible

Audible App

Forget E-book it’s time for Audio e-book. Listen to the available books on the go. The audible app has Amazon Kindle support. Its audiobook player offers solid playback features, with chapter navigation, bookmarks, a sleep mode & variable playback speed. Kindle users can pay a small fee to upgrade a Kindle e-book with an Audible audiobook.

Download Audible iOS App

8. Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix

There are many photos editing app out there in app store. But if you are serious about photo editing Photoshop fix is for you. No one can beat Adobe Photoshop in editing the world. I can say that it takes some time to get familiar with the different tools of the app, but once you feel comfortable with it, you can edit photos in very precise & professional manner. This is a must have for all photography lovers.

Download Photoshop Fix iOS App

9. Snapchat

Snapchat App

Snapchat is an insanely popular instant messaging service because it provides a unique feature of making your photos and text disappear after a short period of time which can be decided by the user from 1 to 10 secs. It also has different filter which we can used on our face and make funny morphed pictures and video and share with our friends.

Download Snapchat iOS App

10. Pocket

Pockets App

This list cannot be completed without a bookmarking app and I can say pocket is best in this field. We can save any web pages we come across and read it later in very convenient way. The good thing about pocket is it integrates with lots of apps including the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser.

Download Pocket iOS App

So these were the top 10 best free Apps for iPhone for the year of 2016. Hope you enjoyed the article and downloaded the best ios apps available till today.