Playing games on a mobile device has become one of the most popular options for gaming fans today, especially after the release of Android 11. We have put this list of the top 10 Android apps and games for this year together, to help you choose the best ones to play on your mobile device.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

 One of the best things about modern mobile devices is that they can handle high-quality visuals and gameplay mechanics. The KOTR (Knights of the Old Republic) Android port is a game that’s well worth trying out on your smartphone or tablet. It’s a classic Star Wars release with fans the world over, and has aged like a fine wine.

2. LeoVegas App

The LeoVegas app is one of the very best ways to play online casino games on your mobile. It offers access to thousands of different games, and can provide players with the ability to grab better bonuses than any in-app purchase you might see in other games. After reading a LeoVegas review by a professional reviews provider, you’ll see that the app offers thousands of games and some of them can be played for free too.

3. Fortnite

What is there to say about Fortnite that hasn’t already been said? It’s one of the most popular apps around and it keeps on gaining momentum, with no signs of stopping. With iOS players unable to play Fortnite for the time being, playing on Android looks like the only way to get your battle royale fix on mobile.

4. Game Dev Tycoon

This port of the classic PC game is everything you might want from a game dev simulation. It allows you to start right at the very beginning of the gaming world and carry on through the future, allowing you to shape it at every turn. It offers a massive amount to do, and the Android version includes some extra features that makes it that little bit more special.

5. Doom

Almost every gamer has heard of Doom. It’s the game that propelled the first-person-shooter genre into the mainstream. Even though it’s well over 20 years old at this point, Doom has still managed to stand the test of time perfectly. It is still just as atmospheric as it was all those years ago, and it looks great on the smaller screens of Android devices. You should probably play it with a controller for the full experience, but it’s still a great game to play via a touchscreen interface.

6. Call of Duty Mobile

COD is another game that can be classed as a trailblazer. The mobile version includes a team deathmatch mode, as well as a battle royale mode. This gives players plenty to experiment with, especially as it’s a free-to-play game. Sure, it offers some in-app purchases, but the game still has plenty to sink your teeth into even if you just play for free.

7. Monument Valley 2

Puzzle games are a delight on Android, and Monument Valley 2 is one of the very best. It looks great, the puzzles are fantastic, and the difficulty curve is set just right. If you haven’t played the original, that’s definitely worth trying as well. Both of these games offer a terrific way to spend your gaming time, so check them out today.

8. Among Us

The sleeper hit of the past two years, Among Us came from out of nowhere to become a viral sensation. This game sees players trying to work out which of them is an imposter. The whole time the imposter will be working to trick the others into believing they are one of them. This game offers plenty of intrigue and lots of sneaking around.

9. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is yet another classic game, widely regarded as one of the greatest platform titles of all time. That makes it well worth playing, even for newcomers to the franchise. Just like Doom, this is probably best played with a controller, but you can still use your device for a good gameplay experience.

10. XCOM: Enemy Within

 XCOM is one of the most well-known strategy games of all time. It drops players into a battle against alien invaders, and it takes the right team and the right moves to win. This is an incredibly hard game, but it’s also extremely rewarding. If you love in-depth strategy, this is the game for you! You’ll be glued to your device.

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