A unique design matters. Attracting your audience requires you to be creative. So, you have to make use of quality and innovative apps as well as applying creative strategies that will help you make your blog better. 

Learn, below, some of the apps and secrets you can put in place to create and have a unique design for your blog.

Blogging Platform

Choosing the blogging platform to build a website carries a great deal of significance. WordPress is a viable option you can use as your platform to build a website. With WordPress, you will be running it directly on your web server. In other words, you need to be live on the web to use WordPress. Log into your site and start making use of WordPress as a blogging platform.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are integral to your blog. They attract your audience to your content by improving readability. You can either choose to go for free or paid themes. If you are a beginner and you want something that’s simple to use, then WordPress free themes are a better option. 

Or, if you want basic functionality and you can do with minimum features, then free themes work best. On the other hand, if you want more features, want a unique website, and want WordPress for business purposes, then you have to go for the paid themes.


Photoshop is an app you can use to improve the design of your blog. You need to present your content to your audience in a way that captures their minds and attention. 

Therefore, you can use Photoshop to bring out high-impact visuals through its capacity to edit images. Therefore, you can consider this app to increase the uniqueness of your blog.


Both beginners and experts are using Canva as an app of choice to create unique designs. All you need to do is to search for the best photos and graphics, then use Canva to create the perfect design for you. Consider this inventive app for the creation of unique designs for your blog.

Google Drawings

If you will like to add color to your presentations, then you should consider using Google Drawings. 

It’s easier to create charts and diagrams using this app. You can use Google Drawings to create unique diagrams and then insert them on your website.


You can make your blog content have more impact by using this app. With Piktochart, you will be able to improve your blog’s ability to communicate with your audience by creating quality infographics. 

With diverse and professionally designed infographics, Piktochart is an app you should consider for the creation of exceptional designs.


Spokeo is yet another app that you should consider as part of your blog’s perfect design. Spokeo could help you know more. They say that knowledge is power. So, the more you know, the more leverage you have over your competitors. 

This innovative app allows you to find records of information that you will need to get ahead on your blog. If your blog is for business purposes, you can use Spokeo to learn more about your competitors. It is simple for you to find the information you need. 

You need to simply do a phone number search using this app and you could get all the information you need. If you will want to know a person’s contact information through his phone number, you just need to do a reverse phone number lookup and you could get the results you need. 

Moreover, for your blog to get ahead in your market space, information is very crucial. Therefore, with reverse phone lookup, get to know more about your competitors. It’s when you know who you are competing with that you are able to win out the competition. 

Additionally, you could find out more about online sellers through reverse number lookup. Indeed, with Spokeo’s search tools, you will be up to date with every bit of information that you need. Consider this application to get quality outcomes out of your blogging experience.


As you look forward to creating a design for your blog. It’s prudent for you to take time and find the apps and strategies that will make you stand out. This is what will give you the capacity to realize exponential growth on your blog. Not everything works out there! So, make sure that you invest your time and resources in capitalizing on what will make you exceptionally unique.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers traveling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.