During the student years, there is a lot that they have to do and manage at the given 24 hours of the day. With so many subjects, tests, assignments, extra-curricular activities, sports or finding time to do whatever they feel like, it becomes a pretty hectic and difficult timetable for them.

This bad management of time ultimately affects the students one or the other. They either give too much time to just one subject or studies in general and forget all about sports and other activities or vice-versa.

Hence, today there are several companies that have come up with great and very handy time management apps for students that allows them to divide their time more wisely and effectively.

These apps help them to keep a tab on all their activities and even track their productivity. Here’s a list of such apps that one can use to make the most of their time.

Best Time Management Apps for Students


Trello is one great app to be used by students for better time management. It allows you to organize any project through boards that you can later customize either solo or with others.

This makes it ideal for projects and assignments that you need to work on with your classmates or any other group. On Trello you can divide your work into several boards like to-do list, working on, finished etc.

Trello is one of the most used apps by both students as well as corporate professionals and is known to make collaboration easy and fun.


Another amazing app that is very helpful for students in managing their time with accuracy is Lio. The application makes sure that it helps in making your life a lot more organised and hassle-free.

It is easy to work on and helps you track all the work that needs to be done and what is still pending. You can create several folders and use student-specific templates. If not, you can also create a template of your own based on your needs and requirements.

You can invite other students to collaborate as well. Using Lio would help you navigate through your studies and syllabus in a much more productive way. You can download the app and can enhance your time management skills.


Evernote is a great app that allows users to sync personal checklists and notes across devices. This means that you can work on a task on one device and switch to another without losing any data.

This app is great for assignments as well as keeping a note of your thoughts. Collaborate with your friends, plan events and set reminders all while using this app. You can also take notes in a variety of formats like photos, audio, text, web clipping, videos etc. 

Google Keep

Google keep is a note-keeping app that is available for both iOS and Android. Google Keep uses a pinboard format that allows users to pin notes, voice notes, photos etc. One can easily search for all the pins and share the list with others and receive from others. 


TickTick, like the name, suggests multiple reminders to finish a task, give clarity on what to do next; white noises for focus; and the ability to share lists, which could be great for group projects. 


Available for Android and iOS, this is one of the top-rated in the category of time management apps and is pretty great for students. It includes a comprehensive list of all the tasks, ability to keep track of assignments. This is a free app but one can also purchase a $3 monthly premium plan and a $5 monthly business plan for teams. 


Flipd is also an app that is available for both iOS and Android and is a great productivity and time tracker application. It works in this way that it discourages students from switching over to Instagram and focusing on their studies.

It offers a series of social features that organically helps students reach their goals and milestones by encouraging them to stay on task. 

These are some of the best time management apps for students that can make a huge difference in their lives and can help them in staying focused and giving equal attention to all their subjects and even other activities. This would help them get a sense of achievement and have a more organised timetable.

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