Things Your Smartphone’s Camera Can Do Besides Take Pictures

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7 Hidden Smartphone’s Camera Features

A smartphone camera is one of the most defining features when buying. High-quality cameras allow you to capture landscapes, historical events, and joyful moments that you will immortalize on Instagram or Facebook. However, what else is a smartphone camera capable of besides selfies?

In fact, the camera has many features that you may not have known about. For example, the camera can scan important documents, replace your DVR, translate foreign text or tell you where you parked your car. Below we have detailed all features so that you can better understand what you can do with your smartphone when the opportunity arises.

Smartphone Camera Can Replace DVR or Video Surveillance Camera

Do you have an old smartphone and want to give it a new life? We suggest you repurpose your smartphone under a security camera or dash cam for your car. In both cases, you will need to install a special app.

Manything is perfect for a security camera. The program will allow you to watch live broadcasts and record videos anywhere, save videos in the cloud storage and receive alerts when motion is detected. This is an excellent opportunity to watch children or animals without hurting your budget.

To turn your smartphone camera into a DVR, you can use CamOnRoad. This free video recorder and navigator are available for iPhone and Android owners. The app can simultaneously carry out navigation and video recording. You don’t have to switch from video recording to the navigator to see the route: videos are recorded in the background.

Smartphone Camera Can Replace Traditional Scan Machine

You have probably accumulated a lot of documents, photos, studies, or work notes throughout your life. Are you tired of the eternal mess of documents and extra trash? Digitize your papers to keep them beautiful forever! To do this, you will need the Scanner app.

The platform allows you to process any document and convert it to the most popular formats such as TXT, PDF, and JPEG. App guarantees that the copy of the document will exactly match the original. However, we recommend placing the papers in a well-lit area for the best quality scan document with iPhone or Android.

Also, the Scanner app makes it easy to manage documents. In the app, you can create folders and put files in them to keep things organized. In addition, you can send files to any digital media: computer, iPad, smartphone, laptop, etc. The files will be available anytime, so you don’t have to go to the closet and waste time looking for essential documents.

Smartphone Camera Can Quickly Translate Foreign Text

If you love to travel but are afraid of a foreign language, your smartphone can help you beat that fear. You can use your smartphone camera as a translator for cafe menus, shop signs, or road signs. A great tool to activate this feature is Google Translate.

The platform can translate over 100 languages. To translate the text, you need to present the camera to the document and click the “Translate.” You can see the text in the language you need in just a few seconds.

Smartphone Camera Can Remind Where You Parked

Do you remember the parking garage episode of Seinfeld? From a story standpoint, it’s interesting to see Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer wandering around, frustrated that they can’t find the car. However, such a situation in life is a nightmare for any driver.

Your gadget will help you cope with this problem. Use your smartphone’s camera to capture a location, parking level, street sign, or any other identifying sign that will allow you to identify a parking spot quickly.

Smartphone Camera Can Help Your Memory

Let’s be honest: these days, there are a lot of tasks, papers, and things that are impossible to remember. For example, you might find it hard to remember the sign of the car you rented for a trip, a bottle of wine you tried on a friend’s birthday, or a shopping list.

Instead of writing down all the data manually in a notepad, let your camera remember this information. Taking pictures takes a couple of seconds and is less stressful for your memory.

Smartphone Camera Can Identify Hidden Cameras In The Room

Even though video filming is prohibited in the toilets and rooms of the hotel, some people still install video surveillance in these places. Your smartphone camera can take care of your security and determine if you are being spied on.

You can use Airbnbs for this. The application can recognize these small pests regardless of which object the camera is placed in. All you need to do is open the app and move it around to different room parts to find an infrared light indicator.

Smartphone Camera Can Explore the Starry Sky

Today you don’t need to have a telescope or a degree in astrophysics to explore space. Your smartphone’s camera can explore the stars in the sky. A good representative of astronomical apps is Stellarium Mobile Sky Map.

By pointing the device’s camera at an astronomical object in the sky, you will receive its full name, picture, and location within a few seconds. The application contains data on more than 600,000 stars, real-time sky maps, and 3D visualizations of the solar system’s main planets and their satellites.


Many people think that the smartphone’s camera can only take photos and panoramas or provide video communication with relatives and colleagues. However, many other functions are hidden in the cameras: scanning, recognition, video surveillance, translation, and even astrology. Let your smartphone perform at its full potential with the above features!