It is believed that around two-thirds of all men in the United Kingdom are affected by some way or another by baldness. By the age of 35 as many as 40 % of men will experience a noticeable amount of hair loss on their head. However, if you are not already at that point, do not despair as there are some things that you can do in order to stave off the dreaded balding effect.

We have listed some of these below, but should they fail then there are actually some treatments that you can use that also work to combat hair loss in men of all ages. Visit to take a look at some of these.

Use Different Hair Products

It is believed by some parts of the scientific world that the chemicals in certain hair styling products and gels can speed up the natural hair loss process. These chemicals sit on the scalp for an extended period of time and eventually get trapped within the follicles of your hair. Because of this, your hair is prevented from growing up to the surface. For this reason you should try and avoid using too much hair gel and, if possible, use products on your hair that contain only natural ingredients, or at least try and minimize the amount of chemicals that you are putting on your head.

Have A Scalp Massage

The latest scientific studies show that having a scalp massage can increase the density of hair on your head thanks to its ability to improve the rate at which blood circulates to your scalp and around your hair follicles. It also works to improve the way in which hair growth genes work, thus promoting further growth. Having a massage also makes you feel more relaxed and in the process lowers your stress levels. Stress can be a determining factor of hair loss, so making you less stressed can only be a good thing.

Do Not Have Hot Showers

Showers that are too hot can cause serious damage to your scalp because it removes all of the essential oils from your head that keep it protected. This leads to the scalp on your head becoming inflamed and dry. Although there is no guaranteed evidence to prove this point categorically, many people believe the inflammation of the scalp can cause hair follicles to become miniature and lead to your hair becoming thinner than what it was previously.

Have A Hair Transplant

If all of the above techniques fail, then you can always go and have a hair transplant to solve the issue instead. However, this is only recommended for those men that have already experienced significant amounts of hair loss. A typical full head of hair has around 100,000 hairs on it but only 25,000 of them are required in order to give the appearance of fullness. If you fall considerably below this number then the process of a hair transplant may be the only thing that can return you to a sense of fullness.

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