The world has seen an evident change in form of technology and creativeness. the invention of mobile phones has made life a lot easier than it was before. There is a convenient way of communication without any troubles. Mobile apps have had an impact on the world with their usability and effectiveness.

Especially after the pandemic, the usage of mobile phones has increased at a high rate and the dependency of people on mobile apps has increased. The pandemic has bounded everyone at home leaving no other option to be entertained but mobile phones. 

The number of mobile app downloads after the global pandemic is more than 205 billion as compared to the downloads of 140.7 billion in the year 2016. The ratio has increased almost 25% in just a few years and the number only seems to be growing in the coming years and in fact, an evident 25% more growth is predicted by the experts.

Following that, the total number of apps present for the customers in the market are 5.95 million, out of which a large share is of android apps with almost 2.87 million apps available at any hour of the day for the customers. The next in row is iOS with 1.96 million apps available, whereas, windows store has 0.69 million apps and the amazon app store has the least number of apps i.e. 0.45 million. 

With the increase in apps, the mobile games apps have also increased, the mobile game industry has a total number of 15.2 billion downloads until the second quarter of 2020, out of which, 12.4 billion downloads were on android phones due to the high usage of android around the globe. These ratios must have benefited any game app development company in recent years and specifically 2020 because of the pandemic. 

Keeping all these numbers in mind, here is the ultimate list of the three most downloaded mobile apps in the world. 

  • Facebook 

Facebook is the leading name in the online communication industry. This app hosts more than 2.23 billion people every day, this is one-third of the global population, and the number is only growing with each passing day. This is not only limited to communication, but the app is also open to businesses as well and it has been entertaining 65 million businesses for a good long time now.

It also has advertising businesses promoting and enhancing their business with a total number of 6 million advertising agencies on it. They are widely accepted on mobile phones, nearly 94% of people use Facebook on their phones rather than any other device, this is the main reason why Facebook is the most downloaded and used app in the world. This is the easiest yet most effective way of connecting to the world in no time. 

  • WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is the second largest in the line with more than 2 billion people using it on an everyday basis. This app is the most effective mode of communication in teenagers, but its impact lies equally in each age group and category. The app does not only give the freedom to message, but it also allows sharing of the live and current location, enables video calling, give permission for unlimited voice calls, sends voice notes, run broadcast for businesses and whatnot.

The app is accepted and appreciated worldwide and this business is spread in more than 180 countries of the world. This means, there is no limit and boundary to stop communication with the world. The demand for the app is only increasing and therefore, the makers are also bringing new features every now and then to improve customer experience. 

  • YouTube 

YouTube is the largest video service provider in the world. This app has been the favorite of billions of people since the day it has launched. There are more than 2 billion users on this platform. They are working for the betterment of the community through a platform called YouTube Originals. The YouTubers, make money in millions by doing ads and generating creative content.

People have gone crazy about YouTube videos specifically in the time of quarantine when there was nothing to do at all. The business is spread over 100 countries in the world and is providing its various content services in more than 80 different languages of the world. The ease of language is probably the biggest reason for It being accepted by such a huge number of audiences. 

Final Word 

These three apps have been on the top list of the audience during and after the pandemic. They have been the favorite for millions of years but the pandemic has got them more importance and attention. You will not find anyone who does not use these platforms for entertainment and information.