A garage is a useful, versatile part of your property. You probably use it as a parking spot for your car, and also for storage, whenever you run out of space at home. However, there’s one aspect that can make the use of your garage even more comfortable. Let’s talk about garage doors and smart garage door openers.

Garage doors open about 1,500 times each year in an average American household. That’s around four times per day, and you’d have to do it manually every time – if you choose the old-fashioned way. Fortunately, developments in smart home technology make this part so much easier. You can fully automate this frequent process with the help of a smart garage door opener. If you’re wondering what it is, are there any benefits, and is it safe, keep on reading! You’ll find the answers below.

What Is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door opener is a device that allows you to open and close your garage door remotely any time you want. However, experts at a1garage.com recognize two different types of devices that do this job for you:

Smart Garage Door Opener Systems

They replace your existing motorized garage door opener system. A smart update is installed in its place, enhancing the capabilities of your home and offering you a number of benefits. They use a WiFi connection to operate, and they often come with a dedicated app that allows you to control the device on your smartphone or tablet.

Add-On Accessories

These work together with the motorized garage door opener system you already have installed. They usually come in the form of a smart garage controller that can be attached to your existing garage door opener with a double-adhesive strip.

Which Features Can You Expect?

If you want to purchase the best smart garage door opener, look for these features:

  • Easy setup. Smart home improvements can be confusing. If you want to install and operate your smart garage door opener without issues, look for a model with the most user-friendly interface and setup requirements.
  • Car sensors. These will use your phone’s GPS or a Bluetooth signal to detect your car, open the door upon your arrival and close them when you get out of range.
  • Android and iOS apps. You should be able to operate your smart garage door opener via a dedicated app.
  • Video cameras. Some models have built-in cameras, which allow you to monitor the inside and outside the garage.
  • Managing multiple openers and users. This feature will come in handy if multiple people in your household use the garage on a daily basis.
  • Alerts and statuses. A smart garage door opener may also be able to send you notifications and report open and closed status in real-time.
  • Control options and compatibility. You’ll be able to use your smart garage door opener and control its options with an app. Interestingly, some models can also be activated with voice control software. If you have a smart system already, like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, look for a device compatible with it.

Remember that there are many different brands responsible for manufacturing smart garage door openers. As such, there are various models available on the market, and they offer different features, depending on their price point. If you really want your smart device to have certain features, make sure to check the product descriptions for each model you consider getting.

The Benefits of Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener

Getting a smart garage door opener comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Automatic opening and closing. First and foremost, you’ll no longer have to lift a finger to open and close your garage door manually. A smart mechanism will do it for you.
  • Peace of mind. Do you often wonder during the day if you or your family members remembered to close the garage door? Some people are more forgetful than others, and if they’re in a hurry, they tend to speed away and don’t look back. If you keep thinking about it when you work or before you go to sleep, you can easily check the status of your garage door in a dedicated app.
  • Increased security. When it comes to the security of your home, your garage is one of the weakest links. However, a smart garage door opener is difficult to hack or tamper with, and the app will notify you every time an unauthorized person tries to access your garage.
  • Control and convenience. Having a smart garage door opener allows you to take full control of who has access to your garage. What’s more, you can see the status of your garage door, who opened or closed it, and when it happened. If you choose a model with more advanced features, you can even program it for a specific hour or be able to control your garage door even if you’re nowhere near it.

The Bottom Line

Having a smart home is no longer something futuristic. These technological developments are here now, and all you have to do is take your pick and install it correctly. This task may be challenging, as the market is overflowing with brands and models offering different features. Also, you need to figure out if you want to get an add-on accessory to your existing motorized garage door opener system or prefer to replace it with a fully smart alternative.

If you don’t know which product you should choose, we recommend checking out some online reviews and expert opinions. They’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from a certain model. With our guide and some additional research, you’ll make the best decision and find a smart garage door opener that will fit all your needs.

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