Are you trying to learn more about Adobe Spark? If yes, you should check out our Adobe Spark review here to learn some important things about this program.

Have you noticed the social media stories frenzy lately? If you have been trying to up your stories game up and have been looking at Adobe Spark to help you, then you are in the right place! We are going to give you an Adobe Spark review and share some things that will help you make your decision and help you see how spark can help level up all aspects of social media.

Getting Started

Ultimate Adobe Spark

Spark is free for anyone you just have to log in with a Facebook or Google account or create an Adobe account. You do not have to worry about downloading anything or installing anything either. You also do not have to worry about paying anything the apps and the service are free.

After You Login

Once you are logged in there are three choices to choose from, post, page, and video. The post option helps you create a social meme, the page option is for info pages, catalogs, and portfolios. The video option is for presentations, tutorials and for those wonderful stories everyone is seeing across their screens.


If you select post you start with a text and at the bottom of the sample text, you choose the layout choice depending on where you will be sharing this. Either Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The next step will give you options to put your text on images and options to change your text to different fonts. If you want to upload your own image you can as long as the theme allows you to do so. Some themes include images that you can’t change.

Once you have the image you want you can use different filters and you have the option to conform to the color palette of the design you choose. The final menu choice is text where you can choose different font and text background treatments. Once you are happy you hit save and then share it or download it.


This is a simple tool where it builds a one-page responsive website. It goes as far down as you need it to go depending on how many elements you add. Another neat thing you can do is send your online meeting minutes to make sure your whole team is on the same page.

After you create your page you can choose a focus point which is the part of an image that is maintained when a person is viewing the page on a smaller mobile screen.


Here you have the option of selecting a template or starting from scratch. At the bottom of the screen, they give you a storyboard of suggestions on how to structure your story. You can also add voice recordings if you want, preview and then share away.

Now You Have the Info With Our Adobe Spark Review 

This program lets even those that are not graphic designers create professional-looking content worth sharing on social media. They are not difficult to use even for beginners. Ordinary people without a huge budget that want to look good on social media and share their business and story with others.

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