In the modern era, we rely on technology more than ever. In fact, for most of us, we check our phone the very moment we open our eyes in the morning. We use technology to make purchases, pay bills, and even learn something new on a daily basis. It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and now it’s even beginning to become an integral part of our homes.

Smart homes, home automation, and domotics all refer to the implementation of an automatic technology system in a house. Smart home systems allow you to control all wirelessly connectable devices or items in your house, including the lighting, locks, climate control, and even curtains.

The technology boasts many benefits that can make life easier and automatic. Apart from the cool features, a smart home system can provide, it also increases and contributes to the security and safety of your home. Here are some security benefits of integrating a smart home.

Gives You Peace of Mind From Trespassers

If you think your neighborhood is completely safe, and you’ll never have to worry about a burglary or similar crime, think again. In the US, there are 4,800 burglaries every day. That means that one specific crime happens every 18 seconds. If your house lacks security features, then you need to do some remodeling, even if you will need to invest some extensive funds to do so. One way to fund such a project would be to look into loans that don’t require a credit check. It would be well worth the investment.

Installing a smart home security system can minimize the risk of your house being broken into. There are a number of models depending on your preference that can add layers to your security and safety. There are heat and motion detection systems that can warn you of impending danger, and some systems even have smart spray installed next to your CCTV that can fend off potential criminals the moment the system does not recognize them.

According to a report by Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, a burglary suspect is 60% more likely to stay away from a home with a security system. That’s a significant number that can really add to your peace of mind.

Prevents Poisoning

We all know that we breathe because we need oxygen, but did you know that our air is only composed of 20% oxygen? The rest is a mix of other chemicals, elements, and dust. This is why it is important to keep your house well-ventilated, and if the house design fails to do so, then installing a smart home system can help you mitigate this problem.

A smart home air monitoring system can help you detect if certain harmful chemicals are present in the air, such as carbon monoxide. Relying on our senses alone most often will not detect the presence of carbon monoxide (a chemical capable of poisoning and killing us). Like a smoke detector, a smart home air monitoring system can alert and notify you by emitting sound, or through sending a notification to your smartphone.

Keeps Your Family Safe From Fire

As required per law, almost every structure in the U.S. has a good old fire detector. They are very capable of informing us if smoke or fire is present, but a smart home system technology takes this concept to the next level. The system will not only notify you about the presence of smoke, and the specific source of heat, but it can also automatically contact the appropriate authorities to dispatch to your house.

Gives You Aid in Home Alone Situations

Sure, there are times when everyone is busy and one particular person is left at home. Most of the time, it’s the elderly or older teens at home alone without supervision. A smart home system can help you in monitoring and assisting your loved ones when you are away from the house.

In case an emergency does occur, the system will contact the necessary authorities to resolve the situation. You can also customize which immediate family member it can call in case something happens. Now, you can focus on your work with the peace of mind that everything is okay at home.

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