The whole idea of getting into affiliate marketing is to promote people’s products. If people buy the products you’re marketing, you earn a commission. This is how it works, you can have a product and give a commission to the promoters. However, if you don’t have any product, then you can become an affiliate marketer by promoting the products that have value and earn an income. To get started in affiliating marketing, you should understand all the parties involved in this business. 

The seller

The seller is sometimes called the merchant, the creator, the vendor or the retailer. This can be a company or a single individual who owns the product. In this vein, the seller can be sole entrepreneurs, big companies, or anyone with an affiliate marketing program. All that they need is a product and they don’t need to actively involve themselves in selling it. 

The affiliate

Affiliates are also known as publishers, and they can be single individuals or large companies. You should note that affiliate marketing can produce huge sums of money in commissions each month. This is the reason why even some big companies are attracted to this business. Affiliating marketing is where the promotion of the products or services happens.

As an affiliate, you’re responsible for promoting single or multiple products of affiliates. It means you have to attract and convince visitors to your site to purchase the sellers’ products. This can be done by managing a blog or a website. These sites should be dedicated to reviewing the seller’s products. Therefore, you should try to find appealing topics that are focused on promoting affiliate products.

The customer

The customer or consumer is the person who makes the affiliating marketing tick. This is because without making sales, you won’t earn commissions and there will be no revenue to share. Consequently, the affiliate marketer will do everything to market the product to the potential customer on whatever platform they choose. This can be on a social media platform, a blog by using content marketing, or digital billboards.

Whether the affiliate lets the customer know that they are promoting the product on behalf of the seller or not is their choice. Some choose to inform the customers about their marketing activities while others don’t do it. Above all, some affiliate marketers place a tracking system for their customers to follow the buying process while the affiliate still earns their commission. 

The affiliate network

The affiliate network refers to an intermediary between the seller and the affiliate marketer. You can promote a product or service and arrange a direct revenue share with the seller. But, it also gives value to your business if you decide to use a network such as Commission Junction to be an intermediary. It means they will handle all your payments and delivery of products. 

It’s easy to understand most of the things on how to get started in affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketers prefer using affiliate networks to promote the products or services, especially when the seller only handles their affiliate program on that affiliate network. As a result, the affiliate network becomes a huge database for multiple products, and this gives you a chance to choose which product to promote.