Throughout the years, we have certainly seen some advancements in electric automobiles. However, not many of us know their advantages and disadvantages, especially when comparing them to other vehicles on the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss some different pros and cons of electric vehicles so that you can determine if they are worth the investment.

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Pro: Better for the environment

Since gas-powered vehicles contribute greatly to greenhouse gases, it’s no surprise that electric vehicles are way better for the environment. Since they emit zero emissions, they are not only helping our planet but also reducing the harmful effects of polluted air. Even Amazon delivery has invested in battery-powered vans, saving millions of tons of carbon each year. Each step is certainly making a difference.

Con: Requires a large initial investment 

While not paying for gas can save money in the long run, electric cars require a large initial investment and haven’t shown many drops in price over the past few years. Even the more affordable options can still start at around $30,000, and that’s pushing it! This means that investing in one isn’t always possible, especially since many of us have been impacted by the recent pandemic.

Pro: Improved driving experience

Electric cars are practically silent, which can make your driving experience much more comfortable compared to other models. With a decrease in both wind and tire noise, it’s especially desirable for those that do a lot of city driving (waiting in traffic). While this may not be a selling point for some, it’s still an advantage that should be taken into consideration.

Con: Charging stations aren’t always available

While many larger cities are starting to place charging stations in different locations, they still aren’t wildly available. This means it can be difficult finding a place to charge your vehicle if you live in a small town or are on a road trip to another destination. While there are other ways you can obtain power, having limited access can certainly be a significant disadvantage.  

Pro: Requires less maintenance 

Since electric vehicles don’t use oil or combustion engines, maintenance each year is greatly reduced. Even things like breaks don’t wear as quickly, meaning you can save money on annual hidden expenses. Obviously, there are still things that can go wrong, but when put into perspective, the overall cost of services will be much more affordable.

Con: There are fewer options 

Lastly, because electric technology is still somewhat of an early stage, there definitely aren’t as many styles on the market as your traditional gas-powered vehicle. Alongside this, there are even fewer customizable options, so if you don’t like the aesthetic, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, with all that being said, times will change as we continue to expand.

And that’s it! These were six pros and cons of electric vehicles. There certainly are many different things to consider, but hopefully, by reading through the above, you can make a clearer decision based on your personal preferences.