Have you ever wondered how some people in the gym achieve the insane results that they do? After all, you also work out just as hard, if not harder. But you just aren’t seeing the same results.

You might be interested to know that there is a performance enhancer known as SARMs, which stands for selective androgen receptor modulators, on the market. The results thus far seem pretty promising. So what exactly are selective androgen receptor modulators, and how do they work? So far, the primary reason for this product is to stimulate androgen receptors in the muscles. By stimulating these receptors, you will be able to grow leaner, bigger, stronger muscles in a shorter frame of time.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your performance or the different types of products on the market, refer to this website.

Now that we’re on the same page about what this product is and what it can do, let’s look at the management of dosage and cycles and why this is so important.

Smartphone Apps For Health Management

Traditionally, if you wanted to manage your health and medication dosage, you would have to do it manually by setting up a scheduled time every day to take your medication. Getting into a routine is key to successful health management. The issue with this method is that daily life has become more demanding, which has led to challenges in remembering to take medication. Today, this has changed quite a bit with the introduction of health management tools such as smartphone applications.

These smartphone apps are so convenient because you can personalize them to suit you, your routine, your goals, and your requirements. And, because of continuous development, the apps are becoming smarter, more intuitive, and much more user-friendly.

But it isn’t just health management apps that have seen a rise in popularity. Other fitness apps that help fitness enthusiasts stay on top of their results and goals have also skyrocketed. Right now, there isn’t an app that can do both at once, track your success, and monitor your dosage and cycles. You’ll need to integrate two different apps to serve these functions. Luckily, many of these apps are easily integrated.

Tracking SARMs Dosages and Cycles

The performance enhancer may give you powerful results because it is very potent. And it is equally important to stay on top of your dosages and cycles because misuse could lead to some very harmful consequences.

Here’s what you need to know about using this product. There are a few different products in this category that each produce a different result. You have to pick the product according to what your goals are. The product comes in three different forms:

  • Powders
  • Liquids
  • Pills and Capsules

Your dosage depends on which product you take. Some products require that you start at a beginner level and gradually increase your intake, which makes using a health management tool essential.

As with any product of this nature, there are possible side effects. Not everyone who takes the product will experience it, but there is always that possibility. For example, in a 2020 study published in the National Library of Medicine, it was determined that taking the product at high doses could potentially lead to liver damage, as represented by the rats in the study.

The side effects are based on the specific product in the range that you use, which can be taken in a variety of methods, including:

  • Sublingually
  • Injectable
  • Nasal spray

Methods of Tracking Your Dosage and Cycle

There are currently three ways that you can manage your dosage and cycle, which include manually, through smartphone apps, or through a spreadsheet. The most effective way to track progress and manage dosage and cycles is through smartphone apps. This is also the most reliable method.

So you may be curious if there are currently any smartphone apps that are specifically designed for use with this product, and the answer is yes. There are a few options to choose from. The product has been so popular among those in the fitness world that the niche in the market for a smartphone app was identified and addressed.

One app Myfitnesspal.com, while not specifically designed for this product, can help you to manage your dosage and cycle and compare your weight loss and muscle gain progress over time.

Medisafe is another app that was originally intended for medication management but worked just as effectively when used to track your dosage and cycle for this product. You won’t be able to view progress through graphs, but you will be able to set reminders to take your dosage.

Anabolic Minds Forum allows you to track and monitor your dosage, intake, and cycles. The app gives access to the website forum and allows you to chat with other fitness enthusiasts on the same journey as you are and using the same products that you are using.

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