Ever since chatbots came onboard years ago, a lot has changed in the mobile app development industry. One thing is clear; chatbots are changing the mobile app development industry in many unexpected ways. They are now the face of the AI technology and changing the way mobile applications are built and used. In this post, we will examine the concept of the chatbot, its difference with mobile apps and how it is transforming mobile app development and usage based on report writing service research.

The Concept Of Chatbots

Before unveiling the concept behind chatbot, here is a simple definition – A chatbot or bot is a service guided by rules or AI (artificial intelligence). Users are made to interact with a bot through a chat interface.

Chatbot can live in chat products like Slack and Facebook Messenger. So, it is a great concept for businesses working with large customers, as businesses irrespective of their product or service can incorporate a bot.

Here Is A Simple Illustration Of what A Bot Is:

For example, if you want to buy clothes from XYZ company. You can visit their website and order the item directly. If on the other hand, XZY company goes ahead to build a chatbot, then you will be able to message them through Facebook. The bot will respond by asking what you are looking for, and then you will tell it.

Now, instead of navigating through the website on your own, you were able to get what you want with the help of a bot. Your experience conversing with the bot will be similar to having a conversation with the sales person when you walk into the retail store. That’s the concept of having a bot interact with customers. Bots also provide a quick response.
There are many examples of chatbot beside the one that operates in a retail store. They include:

• Newsbot
• Weather bot
• Scheduling bot
• Personal finance bot and so on.

A company that interacts with thousands of customers on monthly basis will not think twice to adopt this concept. The same thing goes for businesses eager to grow their client-base. The chatbot is liked by many because it is cost-effective and makes the customer service job a breeze. Though live agents still play a vital role because bots are still immature, it will be developed to handle the majority of customer service tasks without the need to hire a live agent to provide support. Any business whose survival depends more on customer interaction will be happy to have bots incorporated into their system, at least, to improve customer interaction and response time. Chatbots can also work round the clock.

In the words of Ronald Hendricks, the chatbot developer at ThesisHelpers, chatbot help to simplify business process. It can help businesses both small and big to save money and grow their customer-base.

Types Of Chatbots

There are currently, two types of chatbots. Knowing they operate is ideal for anyone looking to adopt this concept. There is one that functions based on laid down rules and the advanced version that makes use of machine learning.

What You Should Know About The Two Types Of Chatbots Is:

Chatbots that function based on a set of rules is limited in many ways, and provide the right answers or response to specific commands. If you make the wrong inquiry, it might not be able to reply you correctly.

On the other hand, chatbots that use machine learning (artificial brain) is the type that understands language and commands. They learn from every conversation. And guess what, they become smarter and better with daily interactions with different customers.

Accessing Chatbots

One can access chatbot with any device; a computer or mobile phone. But it is mostly accessed through the internet and communicates in all major languages. Chatbots also appears everywhere, even on an old HTML page or advance social media website. Interestingly, it runs on standard computers or smart devices.