Owning a smartphone means never having to experience FOMO (the fear of missing out) again. From who’s winning the big game to how your fantasy team is doing while you go to the grocery store, you get all the latest updates delivered right at your fingertips with a smartphone. With most of the sportsbooks having joined the mobile format, it’s easier to access the latest news, schedules, and statistics alongside high-resolution pictures, podcasts, and live-streamed video of the action now more than ever.


Here are the top five sports apps that every kind of fan will love.

  1. ESPN

Free to use for Android and iOS

An app that’s often updated, ESPN brings users the latest and biggest sporting news worldwide. Whether you are searching for breaking news for various teams and leagues, the updated scoring information, or professional analysis, ESPN has got it all.

Users can easily curate a list of their favorite teams on the app and enjoy a truly personalized sports news experience for all the athletes and teams you care about. You can also subscribe to the $5-a-month ESPN+ service to tap into additional features such as live shows, streaming films, and games while enjoying insider content from ESPN writers.

  1. The Athletic

$9.99/ month for Android and iOS

Super avid fans of sports looking for a focused, no-guff coverage without being bombarded with advertisements should check out The Athletic. It is a subscription-based sports news website that focuses on long-form, in-depth coverage by professional sportswriters on a growing array of US and Canadian markets.

The topics covered on the app include everything from the big national leagues like the NBA and NFL to local and collegiate action. You can either avail a seven-day free trial to check things out or start with monthly subscriptions at $9.99 per month.

  1. theScore

Free to use for Android and iOS

theScore does a great job in delivering the latest game updates and statistics, alongside breaking sports news. An event calendar will allow you to conveniently find upcoming games, statistics for past matches, the latest scores, and the most important games.

Game reports feature detailed statistical breakdowns for sports betting enthusiasts as well as play-by-play breakdowns. The app enables users to follow individual players and teams, notifying you of related big plays or news. Social features include stories, stats, and game summaries that can easily be shared with your friends and followers.

  1. Thuuz Sports

Free to use for Android and iOS

With Thuuz Sports, you can be sure you will never miss another of your team’s most exciting games. The app combines the ability to follow your favorite sports, players, and team with an innovative system that tracks news and online buzz to create an excitement rating of zero to 100 for upcoming games.

Users can easily find game schedules and check where they can watch upcoming games, either on cable channels, streaming, or at your nearest sports bar. Additionally, Thuuz also offers extras like personalized sports news, fantasy sports tracking, and on-the-go alerts.

  1. MLS: Live Soccer Scores & News

Free to use for Android and iOS

Once a minor glitch on the American sporting landscape, soccer is quickly attracting more fans in the US. And if you are a fan of this exciting game, it’s vital that you check out Major League Soccer’s official app (MLS).

The MLS: Live Soccer Scores & News app features the latest news, live scores, standings, match schedules, and on-demand video highlights in the sports arena. Alongside the real-time statistics and highlights, users can also lookup starting lineups, photos, and box scores for league matches, and customized notifications enable you to follow your favorite teams so you will never feel out of the loop.

What Sports App Should You Choose?

Sports apps are perfect for joining in on the action from your most-loved sports while on the go. And as you have seen, both Android and iOS users have many options to choose from in this arena.

If you are a true sports fan, you shouldn’t miss out on these excellent sports apps. So, why not give it a try?

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